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Lee Balaklaw

Lee Balaklaw, MD, MBA is president of Schooley Mitchell of Louisa, a franchisee of Schooley Mitchell. He is a business optimization consultant, and cost reduction specialist. He helps businesses and not for profits, decrease costs and improve services in the telecom (cell phone, telephone, internet), waste (dumpsters, medical waste, shredding), merchant services, and small parcel shipping areas. He has been heavily engaged in this area for the past 9 years. He currently serves on two different not for profit boards. Lee is used to answering phones nights and weekends to help clients.
Before entering this business, Lee was a practicing anesthesiologist for 25 years, served as a clinical professor of anesthesiology for a medical school, and was chairman of his anesthesiology departments. Lee served on the cable commission for the city of Cortland NY, when he lived and practiced there. He has served on several different not for profit boards.
Lee earned his Bachelor’s degree from Hofstra University on Long Island, NY. He earned his medical degree from Far Eastern University in the Philippines. He earned his MBA degree from Morehead State University in Morehead, KY.