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Google Embraces the Contact Center: Page 10 of 21

Genesys and eBay Contact Center AI Prototype

The demo showed a customer, Mala, calling to return a pair of shoes. First, the virtual agent answers and asks if the call is about the recently delivered shoes. Mala responds that yes, it is, and she wants to return them. The virtual agent sets up the return and tells Mala she'll get an email with details... in about 10 seconds.

Proactively, the virtual agent then asks Mala if she'd like to speak to a live agent for help selecting the right pair of shoes. Contact Center AI works with Genesys predictive routing to find the right agent to help. Genesys predicts that Josh, of all the available agents, is the best one to help Mala. Josh receives the call as well as the context of the initial virtual agent interaction, plus articles that will coach him on assisting Mala.

Genesys also presented the solution in a breakout session, "AI Powered Contact Center Analytics."