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Google Embraces the Contact Center: Page 9 of 21

Genesys: First Among Equals

If any contact center vendor could be described as first among equals, it's Genesys. It alone joined Google chief scientist Li on the day-one keynote stage. Genesys CMO Merijn Te Booj (center) and customer Dan Leiva, vice president of customer service technology, eBay, joined Li to talk about how they're working together on AI in the contact center.

Te Booj outlined three guiding Genesys AI tenets that map to Contact Center AI capabilities:

  • Genesys thinks customers should be greeted by natural language, that a normal dialogue is the ultimate answer. With Genesys and Contact Center AI, that's now possible, he said.
  • Blended AI is the path to the best customer experience.
  • Bringing AI to the desktop is important; this can be in the form of articles and knowledge -- even microbots for making certain tasks easier to do.