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Google Embraces the Contact Center: Page 6 of 21

Contact Center AI

The first component of Contact Center AI is Virtual Agent/Dialogflow, based on technology that Google acquired when it bought four-year-old AI start-up in September 2016. Dialogflow can allow a business to replace its IVR completely, instead using AI to discern how to route a customer based on analyzing call intent, Laqab said.

Added to what has been previously available in Dialogflow is the ability to connect the customer to a live agent, with the context of the automated conversation.

Agent Assist is a new product that monitors the conversation between the customer and agent, determining what the question is, searching the available knowledge base, and presenting the answer or an article that contains the answer to the agent -- in real time.

Conversational Topic Modeling, which Google essentially described as a work in progress, will be the first offering in a contact center analytics suite. Think of it as a black box that would be fed call and chat logs. Using AI, key topics would be identified as well as the keywords and top sentences customers used to discuss those topics.