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LogMeIn Simplifies Product Portfolio: Rebrands as GoTo


Image: LogMeIn
UCaaS provider LogMeIn rebranded as GoTo earlier this week, combining its two flagship offerings, GoToConnect and GoTo Resolve. Though this makeover may sound familiar (see related No Jitter article), it's an entirely new venture since naming its unified communication and collaboration portfolio "GoTo" in 2019. No Jitter tapped Paddy Srinivasan, chief product and technology officer, GoTo, to find how GoTo credits its customers with prompting this repositioning. As Srinivasan said, “Our customers were a driving force of the launch of GoTo, and we’re going to continue listening to them.”
Responses have been edited for conciseness and clarity.
You’ve dramatically simplified the product portfolio to two flagship offerings: An IT support product and a UCaaS GoTo Connect experience. Why focus on those two areas? How do you see them building the future of your site?
PS: IT support, management and communications are complementary needs at any organization. With GoTo, LogMeIncan connect and support its customers in one unified portfolio without piecemealing tools together. Streamlining this portfolio will eliminate the constant toggling between apps and admin systems that many companies face right now. When we spoke with our SMB customers, it was clear they needed software to power their remote workforce and connect with their customers without the hassle of complex or burdensome IT.
In the release around this news, LogMeIn mentioned that its customers’ jobs and lives “have been forever changed by the pandemic,” and that was an impetus to focus its products on the two areas above. What were some of the changes you saw and decided to address?
PS: Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) faced unique challenges—often wearing too many hats and working with limited resources—even before the pandemic. Now, on top of that, this large shift to remote and hybrid work over the past two years has added additional pressures and is completely changing the way business gets done. We listened to our nearly 800,000 customers, and overwhelmingly we heard they want a single platform to help see, hear and support their customers. I'm excited that now our brand reflects that. Our GoTo portfolio, including the GoTo Connect and GoTo Resolve products, use the same easy-to-read layouts and unified admin center for a streamlined and easy experience.
How do you see your two flagship offerings addressing the biggest changes your customers experienced?
PS: GoTo is laser-focused on SMBs and plans to continue investing in and innovating to meet their IT needs by bringing the critical functions [of IT support, management, and communications ] together under one company with a unified admin system and a converging user experience.
A common application—a unified admin system and converging user experiences—connects these two flagship offerings. You say this is to simplify day-to-day operations for IT teams—the single pane of glass. Can you describe how IT support and UCaaS can complement each other or create a customer workflow within this application?
PS: When we talked with IT leaders, it was clear they needed flexibility, security, and productivity. GoTo’s entirely new and unified experience allows IT teams (of any size) to provide consistent, reliable IT support. Our flagship products—GoTo Connect and GoTo Resolve—can be seamlessly managed through one single provider. The new GoTo Resolve will streamline IT support, unifying GoTo’s remote access, management, and support solutions into an all-new, conversational entry point and ticketing system. GoTo envisions this as a place where we can continue to add integrations between support and communications such so that the end-user and IT teams can have everything in one place such as:
  • Ticketing and helpdesk experiences within GoTo Connect
  • Adding phone access to the GoTo Resolve console
  • Automatically adding call notes to support tickets
Blue-sky time: You’ve addressed some of your customers’ biggest working constraints that sprang from the pandemic. What challenges are you excited to tackle next?
PS: We’re excited to lead SMBs into the future of flexible work, helping them navigate any challenges that may come, with our new and improved IT capabilities. From wherever and however they want to get work done. Our customers were a driving force of the launch of GoTo, and we’re going to continue listening to them, further bring our products together and innovate to serve their needs.