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Email Killers 2017: A Look at 14 Cloud-Based Team Collaboration Apps: Page 7 of 17


Mitel introduced its team collaboration app around this time last year. MiTeam first worked only with MiCloud Office, one of the company's UCaaS service that's based on the Telepo platform Mitel acquired back in 2014. Now it also integrates with MiCollab, the UC software for MiVoice that Mitel sells for on-premises deployment and that powers its MiCloud Business and MiCloud Enterprise services. As a result, MiTeam is now available to pretty much all Mitel customers. (Man, getting to the bottom of any Mitel offering involves untangling a whole string of MiThis's and MiThat's.)

Rather than walking the freemium path common to so many team collaboration app developers, Mitel has chosen to make MiTeam available only to customers of its other PBX and UC solutions. So no matter how much you ask -- no matter if you beg, cheat, or steal -- if you ain't got MiVoice or MiCloud then you ain't getting MiTeam.

Also unlike many other team collaboration apps, MiTeam doesn't have multiple tiers or plans. One set of features is available to any and all MiTeam users... with one exception. If you're subscribed to the lowest MiTeam Office plan or have the lowest-priced MiCollab license, then you don't get guest access. But otherwise it's the same -- no lower MiTeam tier with restrictions on file storage, number of conference attendees, trouble tickets, etc.

As for real-time comms, MiTeam supports voice and video chat among MiTeam users, but Mitel has no plans to provide PSTN calling directly from the app. The thinking is that this is a persistent messaging app for a system or service that already provides PSTN calling, so why bake that into MiTeam?

Finally, MiTeam has been localized in about a dozen languages. This will be important to the international set of MiVoice customers, as well as to MiCloud Office subscribers as the service expands internationally.

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