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Email Killers 2017: A Look at 14 Cloud-Based Team Collaboration Apps: Page 8 of 17


To me, Moxtra has one of the more interesting approaches to team collaboration apps. This isn't immediately obvious if you look only at the app itself, which provides all the persistent workspaces, conferencing capabilities, app integrations, and other stuff you'd expect. Moxtra added unlimited storage to all plans, but put a throttle on how large a file can be uploaded on the free plans. And the app has been localized in 22 languages, up from 13 a year or so ago.

Moxtra sells its app from its website, through resellers that customize it to varying degrees, and through white label partners that hide the fact their team collaboration apps are from Moxtra. I know of at least a couple team collaboration apps based almost entirely on Moxtra technology. So the company has become something of a behind-the-scenes player in this space.

But selling its standalone app is not what Moxtra really focuses on. The majority -- like 95% -- of its focus is on delivering the APIs and SDKs that let developers embed one or more components of the multilayered Moxtra platform into their apps. For example, Trello makes Moxtra collaboration, messaging, and video conferencing capability available via its project management app (though this may change now that Trello is owned by the same company that owns HipChat). And Avagmah, an India-based developer of online education software, has embedded the messaging and task management components of the Moxtra platform into its cloud-based learning management system.

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