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Email Killers 2017: A Look at 14 Cloud-Based Team Collaboration Apps: Page 4 of 17

Flowdock has a relatively unique corporate trajectory. It started off as a startup with a team collaboration app for smallish teams of software developers. Then it became part of a large software developer (Rally), which became part of a larger software developer (CA Technologies) -- which, in turn, exposed to a larger set of customers that includes large enterprises.

Judging from the company's website, the app looks pretty much unchanged for the past year or more -- same simple pricing plans, same low pricing, still tons of integrations. There's a fair amount of activity on the support community, so the app is clearly receiving a lot of attention from customers and SAP.

I've reached out to Flowdock for an update, but hadn't heard back as of press time. The company blog hasn't had a post in a year and the Twitter account has gone silent. So I can't mine those for info. But by all appearances all this remains a go at Flowdock. So let's leave this here for now. Check out my previous profile for more info.

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