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Decoding Dialogflow: Introduction to Building Intelligent Bots: Page 3 of 3

Proof Point
In launching this series of articles, we invited Google’s CCAI partners to provide input and proof points. Although Avaya was one of the last contact center providers to announce a partnership with Google, it was the first to respond and provided details on the work it is doing with Google and CCAI.

Google was already part of Avaya’s A.I.Connect initiative, and since CCAI’s beta release, Avaya has reported receiving many inquiries worldwide from customers wanting to use CCAI with its contact center platforms. Many of these inquiries have focused on creating intelligent bots using Dialogflow. Avaya has several large CCAI proof-of-concept (PoC) projects under development. Among these is a large enterprise customer that is focused on providing better customer care; it is currently working on internal testing of intelligent bot solutions created using Avaya Experience Portal and CCAI. This company identified the necessary Dialogflow intents, entities, and slots using its existing call recordings and agent records. It is now experimenting with some of the unique APIs CCAI provides that control queuing and pauses at transition points, which are places in a conversation where critical decisions need to be made. Some of these flow variables impact how the bot responds and is perceived by end users.

When CCAI becomes generally available, Avaya's contact center interface to CCAI will soon follow. Using learnings from this large enterprise customer, along with other companies that are moving forward with Avaya+CCIA -- including a media conglomerate, a national retail chain, and a mobile carrier -- Avaya will likely be one of the first contact center partners to be able to sell Dialogflow/CCAI integration with an existing contact center deployment.

What’s Next
The next article in this series will appear in early June, addressing the questions:
  1. What makes for a good bot?
  2. What kind of business processes and metrics should govern the process of intelligent bot creation?

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