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Cisco Webex Crawls Back to Operational

The major Cisco Webex outage that began on Tuesday, Sept. 25, at 9:22 p.m. ET, seems to be mostly resolved as we head into the weekend (see related coverage, "Cisco Webex Goes Down," and "Cisco Webex Still Down").

Today at 1:38 p.m. ET, Cisco updated its Webex Teams status page to green (previously red, and then blue as restorations progressed). While the status indicator still reads "ongoing service restoration activities" are underway, Cisco said it has completed many of its service deployments and has brought the majority of customers back online. Webex Calling, Webex Control Hub, Webex Hybrid Services, Webex Teams Meetings and Devices, and Context Service have now been fully restored, Cisco said. "These are continually monitored and are operating as expecting."

Cisco still needs to work out a few kinks, however. While Webex Teams Messaging services are now operational, some users may continue to experience issues with older 1:1 spaces, as well as in trying to access Teams or spaces that hold older content, and joining a meeting or pairing a device with one of these older spaces, Cisco said. However, the company is currently deploying a fix and estimates these lingering issues will be resolved in two days' time.

Webex Developer APIs are now operational with the exception of webhooks created prior to the incident. Those are still in a "non-working state," Cisco said. At the time of that 1:38 p.m. ET status report, Cisco said it was validating the fix for the webhooks issue in pre-production and that deployment would follow "soon."

As far as Webex Hybrid Services, Call and Calendar services are now operational, Cisco said, and a majority of customers are back online. Cisco has asked that any admins who continue to have issues with connectors stopping or going offline or any other data inconsistencies reach out to Cisco Technical Support. Further, admins may need to restart Call Connect if it's in a pending activation state, Cisco said.

Webex Teams Meetings and Devices are operational, but an additional fix is still in the works to address an issue with joining meetings for a small set of clients. Cisco also noted that its One Button to Push (OBTP) meeting joining capability depends on Hybrid Calendar, so if problems persist in Hybrid Calendar, users will see that reflected in OBTP being missing or inoperable.

Finally, in Context Services and Care, Cisco reports that everything is operational except for the Care Assistant Bot, which will be resolved with the rollout of the webhook fix previously mentioned.

Cisco closed its most recent status update asking users who continue to experience service issues that aren't outlined in this post to contact Cisco Technical Support.

While much of the Twitter activity around the outage seems to have died down, some observers continue to ask for transparency and communication.

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