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What Gen AI Insights I’ll Be Looking for at Enterprise Connect 2024

Enterprise Connect 2024 starts in just a few days, with AI taking center stage. From the keynote stage to the show floor to the conference sessions, we’ll hear about the progress that vendors and enterprises are making towards implementing generative AI, the challenges that lie ahead, the opportunities and risks.

There’s ample evidence that Gen AI is poised to transform the contact center and CX. Robin Gareiss of Metrigy will present her research showing that AI is already changing the way many enterprises approach agent staffing, while Max Ball of Forrester will provide examples of Gen AI emerging in self-service contexts. I’ll be interested to see how aggressive enterprises are willing to be in pushing the limits on AI investments for the contact center.

On the collaboration side, the platform vendors have rolled out their Gen AI-powered assistants, and enterprises are trying to determine the best investment strategy to achieve the optimal benefits, at least in the case of Microsoft’s and Google’s assistants (Zoom’s is free). At $20-$30 per user per month, how do you decide who gets these capabilities? Brent Kelly of Omdia and Kevin Kieller of EnableUC will present a session looking at the AI features of the major platform vendors, which I expect will shed some light on the leading benefits.

Another thing that I hope becomes clearer is the role that enterprise data will play in making AI useful—and not counterproductive—in helping across the entire organization, whether in the contact center, among knowledge workers, or frontline employees. It’s become axiomatic that your AI will only be as good as the data it relies on, so how should enterprises think about the nature and quality of data that they use to customize large language models (LLMs)? In his session, “Harness the Power of Data for Your CX,” Nicolas de Kouchkovsky of CaCube Consulting will delve into the key issues on this topic.

And of course Gen AI will be the first topic we’ll address in our opening strategic Enterprise Keynote Panel. We’ve got a great lineup of representatives from AdventHealth, Experian, Major League Baseball (MLB), and Cross Country Health, a staffing firm that serves the healthcare industry. We’ll start our conversation with generative AI from the evaluation and deployment perspective, but we’re also planning to discuss how the move into the Era of AI is likely to impact IT organizations and roles as well.

It’s going to be a week of important and insightful conversations, and you can still register and attend. No Jitter will be providing full coverage as well. I’m expecting to come away from Orlando knowing at least some answers to the big questions of where AI is going next–and where it’ll take us as well.