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Nicolas De Kouchkovsky

Nicolas De Kouchkovsky is CMO at Acqueon, an innovative provider of conversational engagement software.
Nicolas has extensive experience with enterprise software markets and is a recognized expert in customer-facing technologies including customer experience, customer service, contact centers, sales, and AI. He spent over 25 years in the cloud and software industry as a product and marketing executive.
Previously, Nicolas founded CaCube Consulting, an advisory and consulting firm helping B2B software companies grow. He served as a Fractional CMO for startups and midsize SaaS companies covering all aspects of marketing, go-to-market, and sales enablement. Nicolas also held several executive roles at Genesys. As head of product management, he transformed the company from Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) middleware to a software application provider. As Chief Marketing Officer, he drove the company expansion in the broader multi-channel contact center market. Before joining Genesys, Nicolas held several senior positions at Alcatel-Lucent (now Nokia) where he most notably established and developed the call center business. Prior, he was CTO at Cirel, a startup that pioneered multi-protocol gateways and built a system integration practice at Digital Equipment (now Hewlett Packard) focused on sales solutions.
Nicolas shares his own opinions.