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Cisco Brings CX Management to Contact Centers


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The EMEA version of Cisco Live kicked off this week in Barcelona, Spain. Over the past year, Cisco has been evangelizing the vision of cognitive collaboration with most of the examples coming from how it can change internal collaboration. At Cisco Live, Cisco announced Webex Experience Management (formerly, known as CloudCherry) as a proof point of how cognitive collaboration can be a game-changer in the areas of contact center and customer experience.
It’s been well documented that customer experience is now the top brand differentiator. Companies that excel in this area get a disproportionate share of the market. Those that don’t struggle to survive and will likely go the way of the dodo. With the shift to CX, businesses of all sizes have been upgrading their contact center systems to include omnichannel capabilities, AI features, and more. But is this enough to address CX? On the surface, it might seem so, but CX is much broader than just what happens in the contact center.
Contact centers are critical to delivering a great experience, but they only address part of the customer journey. The below graphic shows the end-to-end customer journey as starting with the awareness phase and going through an expansion phase. Contact centers typically address purchases and services, while other solutions like MarTech address the other phases. The silo-like nature of these can lead to a disjointed customer experience. Consider the case where a company runs an e-mail campaign promoting a new product. The customer likes it, is excited, and calls the contact center. Because this data is siloed, the contact center agent may have no idea of the product or promotion that was offered. The agent puts the customer on hold to go find out more. While the hold music may be lovely, having to wait annoys the customer, and they hang up. Breaking down these silos is the main reason why Cisco acquired CloudCherry, as it brings contact center and customer sentiment data together.

Webex Experience Management takes CX to the next level by addressing the three legs of the CX stool. Specifically, provides greater CX by enabling the following:
  • Better listening — Cisco customers can provide improved customer experiences and gain greater insight across the entire customer journey by mapping experiences across all touchpoints in the organization.
  • Analytic — Seamless integrations with common business applications break down data silos and bring all the data about the customers into meaningful human stories.
  • Prediction capabilities — Contact centers become predictive and proactive. Businesses can make informed decisions on how to improve customer and agent experiences that will create positive business outcomes.
Webex Experience Management includes a customer experience journey gadget that provides visibility into customer survey responses in real-time while the agent is interacting with the customer via a call, chat, or email. This lets agents see a timeline of a customer’s historical journey experiences as well as Net Promotor Score, Customer Effort Score, and other metrics. While the solution can run standalone with any vendor’s contact center solution, as one would expect, there are some “Cisco on Cisco benefits.” When Webex Experience Management is deployed in conjunction with Cisco’s contact center version 12.5, surveys are integrated and automatically sent after calls, IVR, email, and web interactions to collect customer data. The customer experience analytics agent gadgets provide a better understanding of customer sentiment. When agents sign in, they see all key metrics pertinent to them, such as an aggregate view of all their interactions with customers. When a supervisor logs in, the gadget displays the data that is derived through the overall NPS, CES, and trend of these metrics over time. A supervisor can segregate data based on teams and agents for a more granular view.
The business climate has changed, customer experience reigns supreme, and businesses need to ensure they have an end-to-end view of CX. Cisco’s Webex Experience Management improves customer experiences by providing greater insight across the entire journey and mapping all experiences across all touchpoints. The AI capabilities enable businesses to diagnose customer sentiment from unstructured data, which was previously unusable as a data source. In this highly competitive business climate, Webex Experience Management could provide the insights that give organizations a competitive edge.

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