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Univago: UC Platform and Gateway to Next-Generation Workplace

As new generations enter the workplace business culture continues to evolve such that the only true constant is change, prompting a thorough reevaluation of operations. Emerging from this new reality is a progressive management strategy dubbed the Next Generation Workplace (NGW): an environment that enables agile and collaborative user experiences, fostering productivity and efficiency for optimal growth.

In taking NGW from concept to reality, organizations must equip both employees and workspaces with tools that allow a distributed workforce to communicate and collaborate seamlessly and without restriction. Nemertes Research noted among the biggest obstacles to unbridled productivity are technology deficiencies.

When employees have different capabilities depending on where they are or what device they're using, they cannot fully engage with colleagues or customers, and their productivity suffers. And while unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) technology can overcome these constraints, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Enterprises that enable video communications throughout their UC environments in the pursuit of seamless team collaboration must account for employees connecting from a variety of devices and operating systems, and often in settings not always conducive to secure communications.

Unfortunately, numerous video cloud services claim enterprise-grade status but fall short on many fronts. They often lack both the ability to mitigate security risks and the technical sophistication for interoperability and quality of service (QoS) required of business communications. While many services fulfill a particular need for users and meet certain technical and security ctriteria, a broader view of the overall user behavior needs to be addressed as a whole rather than islands of answers.

Univago, Yorktel's cloud-hosted video platform, was specifically developed to address enterprises' increasingly complex needs. As a platform, Univago provides a solid foundation that underpins next-gen collaborative workflows. While others offer simple cloud bridging services, the Univago platform not only provides virtual meeting rooms but also supports a growing number of applications that address real-world shortcomings. A Skype gateway, for example, provides interoperability with traditional video systems and emerging technologies such as WebRTC. Univago also offers virtual receptionist services, providing a secure video ingress point for B2B and B2C communications, as well as an API tool set for deeper workflow integration.

Univago's innovative achritecture offers a choice of a pure-cloud, hybrid, or on-prem deployments. The option to extend the cloud service to your LAN optimizes local call routing , without having to traverse the Internet or a MPLS WAN link. Off-net particpants will connect via nodes in the Univago public cloud hosted across datacenters in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions.

Univago is for organizations that need convenient, intuitive video communications and collaboration tools that can make communications meaningful and productive. As a self-service offering accessible from the cloud, Univago overcomes the most complex issues relating to interoperability, QoS, secure remote access, and scalability that prevent organizations from harnessing the full power of collaboration.

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