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Zoom Adds Meeting Focus Mode, Phone Privacy Options


Zoom Meeting with hand raise feature
Source: Zoom blog
In its monthly recap blog posted today, Zoom shared information on a host of updates designed to streamline communications and provide more usage insight for its Meetings, Phone, and Chat services.
For Zoom Meetings, updates are:
  • Focus Mode — Revealed in a blog post last week, this meeting view allows attendees to see only their own and host/co-host videostreams, as well as shared content. Meantime, meeting hosts and co-hosts have the option of viewing participants in gallery mode, so they can see them at the same time, Zoom said
  • Mobile, desktop meeting transfer — Zoom participants can now transfer meetings from a mobile to desktop client and vice versa
  • Screen-sharing settings for meetings with external participants — Zoom admins can restrict what users or groups can share their screens when a guest participant joins a meeting
  • Automatic reactions for iPad — iPad users can now raise their hands or give a thumbs-up to trigger a corresponding reaction during a meeting
The update for Zoom Phone features:
  • Privacy for shared lines — Users of a shared line group can now prevent others from picking up a held call and listening or talking over the call. This privacy feature is available for softphone clients running version 5.7.6 or higher, Zoom said
  • Call queue metrics — Via the admin dashboard, account owners and admins can now view the top 10 extensions by call or minutes usage
  • Control over call monitoring privileges — Account owners and admins can customize call monitoring groups with specific privileges, such as giving a group permission to listen into a call
Lastly, Zoom Chat updates include new markers for labeling private and public channels and the ability to expand or shrink the chat sidebar based on how many chats and channels a user would like to see, Zoom said.

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