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Zoom Adds Box & SharePoint Integrations, Broadvoice Announces Teams Service


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Image: Denys Kurylow - Alamy Stock Photo
Welcome to the Monday, April 18, 2022, edition of the No Jitter Roll. In this edition, we share news on two cloud content management integrations, updates to the Zoom platform, and a virtual PBX option for Microsoft Teams.
Zoom Update: Integrations and Tools for Educators
In addition to unveiling its conversational AI tool last week, Zoom also announced cloud content management service integrations for Box and SharePoint. Available now, each integration allows Zoom users to create a Box or SharePoint folder, thus enabling them to upload and share files directly in Zoom Chats. Zoom users can use the integration to also:
  • Edit and review documents: With the Box integration, users can edit Box Notes, Google Docs, and Microsoft Office 365 documents, while the SharePoint integration allows Zoom users to edit Microsoft Office files.
  • Track changes: Users can now track document creation and edit history within a Zoom channel.
  • Stay up to date on new documents: Zoom users in a specific chat channel will automatically be added to documents created in that channel.
Zoom also shared several platform updates designed with educators in mind. These updates include:
  • An updated Chrome app: The Zoom app for Chrome, Zoom for Chrome Progressive Web Application, now supports virtual and blurred backgrounds. Admins can also limit which virtual backgrounds users have access to and prevent users from uploading their own backgrounds.
  • Video message for Zoom Chat: Users can record a video message (up to three minutes) directly in a chat channel.
  • Share audio/video to Breakout Rooms: Meeting hosts can share audio and video from a screen share in the main session to Breakout Rooms.
  • Anywhere Polls: Coming soon, Anywhere Polls will be a central library for polling content, which will allow Zoom users to reuse poll content for different meetings.
  • Waiting Room renaming feature: Zoom meeting hosts can now rename users in the Waiting Room before admitting them into a Zoom session. Educators can use this feature to change someone’s name to their preferred name or a name that affirms a student’s gender identity, Zoom said.
  • Pre-assign breakout rooms: Meeting hosts can pre-populate breakout rooms before the start of a meeting by using an educator’s course roster and the LTI Pro integration.
Broadvoice Adds PBX Virtual Seat Option for Microsoft Teams
Hosted voice provider Broadvoice announced a Virtual Seat option for its Broadvoice B-hive Cloud PBX integration for Microsoft Teams, made possible by Microsoft's bring-your-own-carrier (BYOC) option Direct Routing. With the service, Teams users can make and receive calls within the Teams apps and use their existing mobile devices. Additionally, Broadvoice for Microsoft Teams provides contact centers with call routing, auto-attendant, call queues, faxing, and other features.