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No Jitter On Air: What Research Shows on SIP Trunking Today

Talk to UC consultants about client projects, and SIP trunking inevitably comes up in the conversation. They may much rather be working on projects involving newer and cooler technologies, but scoping out SIP migration plans remains bread-and-butter tasks for many of them.

We can put this into perspective with some data from The Eastern Management Group, which recently assessed the global SIP market via a survey of more than 3,000 IT managers in major world markets. In its study, Eastern Management Group found that 70% of all companies use some SIP trunks, as John Malone, president of the communications industry research firm, shared during the latest episode of our No Jitter On Air podcast. But, as he reminded listeners, "that doesn't mean that all of their trunks are SIP trunks."

On a company basis, the percentage of use is just greater than 50%, Malone shared.

According to Eastern Management Group data, the global SIP trunking market is approaching $16 billion a year, and will cross that threshold by 2020. From a network viewpoint, that means 70% of all traffic is going to be SIP by 2020 -- a figure that presumes the percentage of companies using some SIP trunking would be closer to 90% or 95%, he told listeners.

Since reaching that level would require roughly a 5% annual growth rate, SIP migration projects will remain standard fare for a few more years at least. That begs some questions, such as:

  • Is cost the primary driver in the SIP trunking decision?
  • What role does the continued move from UC on the premises to UC in the cloud play in triggering growth of SIP trunking?
  • Is this $16 billion market potential attracting new sorts of SIP trunking service providers?
  • Do enterprise decision makers need to be concerned about the quality of SIP trunks any longer?
  • How satisfied are enterprises with the service they receive from SIP trunking providers?
  • What's going on in the SIP phone market?

Malone addresses these and other issues in our No Jitter On Air podcast. Click on the player below for his answers.

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