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No Jitter Roll: ServiceNow Makes Multiple Announcements at Knowledge 2024

Welcome to this week’s No Jitter Roll, our regular roundup of product news in the communication and collaboration spaces. Leading off this week, we highlight: ServiceNow’s announcements from Knowledge 2024 including updates on partnerships and new solutions and capabilities, Calabrio’s release of their new business intelligence tool called Insight, and CallRails’ launch of AI multi-conversation capabilities.

Also, Zingtree announces their CX Answers and CX Actions solutions and EnGenius releases their new video conferencing tool, AVXpress.


ServiceNow Announcements from Knowledge 2024

ServiceNow made many announcements at their annual customer and partner event, Knowledge 2024, including:

  • A new Genesys partnership for customer and employee experience. The companies plan to integrate the Genesys Cloud platform with ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) to deliver an AI-powered solution called Unified Experience, which is meant to unify customer service teams, centralize routing across departments and channels, and optimize workforce engagement.
  • ServiceNow and Infosys are extending their existing collaboration by combining ServiceNow’s Now Assist’s Gen AI capabilities and Infosys Cobalt, a set of tools that accelerate cloud-powered enterprise transformation, to increase productivity, efficiency, and improve user experience.
  • ServiceNow also announced new Gen-AI capabilities using a bring your own (BYO) Gen AI model, which allows for more flexibility for customers.


Calabrio Debuts AI Business Intelligence Tool

Calabrio is replacing its Data Explorer business intelligence tool with Insight, a business intelligence solution that is aimed at improving contact center performance. Insight is embedded in Calabrio ONE, a workforce engagement management (WEM) solution that has AI-powered analytics and business intelligence. Insight provides analysis to predict and identify causes of trends. It can be used by non-technical users to build reports and dashboards without IT or data analyst assistance and communicate with team members across departments.

Insight will be available by May 30th.


CallRail Announces AI Multi-Conversation Insights

The call center analytics company announced AI multi-conversation capabilities that analyzes customer calls, trends, opportunities, and risks. These capabilities will give a 3-6 sentence summary of calls, show the average sentiments of calls to identify trends, and show commonly asked questions that aid in SEO and keyword strategy, marketing messaging, and product offerings.


Zingtree Launches CX Answers and Actions

Zingtree, an AI-powered customer experience automation platform, has launched its AI CX tools CX Answers and CX Actions. These tools are designed to help B2C enterprises unify systems processes, and workflows.

CX Answers uses CX-specific Large Language Models (LLMs) to aid customers and agents in finding accurate information, using efficient processes, and accessing automation. It allows non-technical CX leaders to help agents and provide self-service experiences for customers.

CX Actions allows CX leaders to automate business actions like scheduling, billing, refunds, and returns. It also allows customers to resolve issues though self-service, provides agents with contextual customer data from third-party apps during calls, and send SMS and email alerts for shipping and delivery updates.

CX Actions and Answers


EnGenius Releases AVXpress

Network solutions provider EnGenius has released network traffic prioritization solution AVXpress. AVXpress automates complex configurations for optimization by recognizing and categorizing different data types, which improves clarity in voice and video calls. AVXpress has an ‘Express’ mode which allows users to prioritize time-sensitive AV applications.