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Let the Telecom Hacking Begin!

The hacking is underway! Yesterday morning, 22 developers gathered at a co-working facility, Catalyst Spaces, along with roughly 15 remote participants, to participate in TADHack-mini Orlando, running coincident with Enterprise Connect. Working in teams or as individuals, the participants are looking to hack the next great communications-enabled application. With support from sponsors Cisco Spark/Tropo, DataArt, Dialogic, Flowroute, Matrix, RingCentral, Telestax, Temasys, and, participating hackers are well positioned for success -- and a chance at winning some of the $8,000 in prize money.

So how does one kick off a hackathon exactly, and what does a hackathon even look like? Well, we were there to see things get underway and have a series of videos for you to get a first-hand look.

After a few opening words from organizer and TADHack founder Alan Quayle, each of the sponsors addressed the groups to talk about what was possible with their unique sets of APIs. In the below video player, see what the sponsor representatives and hacker support staff have to say about how their APIs and technologies can be leveraged to support the ideas that the developers want to turn into a reality.

We'll be showcasing winners and notable hacks in the Monday afternoon Enterprise Connect session, "Hackathon After-Action Report: Meet the Hackers, See the Hacks." So if you want to see first-hand the innovations possible by exposing enterprise capabilities for use in applications, services, and business processes, be sure to put this session on your Enterprise Connect agenda! Who knows -- maybe you'll be inspired to participate next time around!

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