Introducing Cisco Spark with AT&T

AT&T and Cisco have extended their longtime collaboration partnership with a bundled offering, Cisco Spark with AT&T, announced today.

Specifically, Cisco Spark with AT&T comprises Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions (HCS) for cloud-based voice calling, AT&T Conferencing with Cisco WebEx, and Spark Messaging for chat and file sharing. Additionally, customers gain access to AT&T NetBond for Cloud, which enables secure, encrypted end-to-end connections; AT&T Dynamic Traffic Management, for prioritizing mission-critical voice and data traffic; and AT&T IP Flexible Reach, which reduces costs by keeping calls on AT&T's network.

Cisco Spark with AT&T benefits include improved reliability and faster speeds when using the Cisco collaboration applications, Jonathan Rosenberg, VP and CTO of Cisco's Collaboration Technology group, told me. But ultimately, it's the same interface, the same client that you would get as a standalone, he added. Customers of Cisco Spark with AT&T will also benefit from simplified billing -- a "big deal" for a lot of companies that are using products from both providers.

Cisco is no stranger to partnering with service providers, and Cisco and AT&T themselves have collaborated on solutions for more than 30 years. "We would absolutely carry this [kind of offering] over to other service provider partners," Rosenberg said.

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