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Getting a Handle on Team Collaboration

Like many new technologies recently, team collaboration gained a foothold in the enterprise before IT and communications teams really had the chance to make a plan for how to take advantage of it -- and to safeguard against its risks.

Many enterprises are now trying to get in front of the team collaboration momentum that's gathering among their end users. As Irwin Lazar of Nemertes Research wrote in this recent No Jitter post, being proactive is key to mitigating the risks as well as taking advantage of the benefits that team collaboration presents.

Irwin's post offers five practical steps for enterprises seeking to plan more proactively for their team collaboration implementation. The final point he mentions is the one that enterprise IT always worries about more than their end users do: security. The fundamental fact is that communications within team collaboration applications are no different from any other medium: "Conversations within team collaboration applications should come under the same governance policies as other internal and external communications (e.g. email, instant messaging, etc.)," Irwin writes.

In a follow-up No Jitter post, Irwin builds on the notion of just what constitutes team collaboration: "While messaging apps may provide the 'glue' that delivers a primary workspace," he writes, "the ability to integrate additional applications for task and project management, file sharing and editing, ideation and virtual group collaboration, as well as workflow integration, are all critical elements in providing teams with the tools they need to effectively collaborate both inside and outside your organization."

Indeed, persistent chat rooms, while a step up from more temporal instant messaging applications, are not exactly new. What's new, and potentially transformative, about team collaboration is the ability to integrate myriad different applications and systems that can then make the team collaboration app a true platform for the next iteration of enterprise communications for knowledge workers.

It's still early days for team collaboration: Nemertes data from 2017 showed that about 28% of companies had adopted it or planned to do so by the end of last year. Another 30% said they are planning to adopt in 2018 or evaluating the potential. The issues around security and compliance suggest that this should be at least an area of active study for most enterprises.

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