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Enterprise Connect Goes All-Virtual — You Get Great Insights

So the bad news is that the leadership of Enterprise Connect has decided that, because of the ongoing issues around COVID-19, we’re transitioning our 2021 event to all-virtual. The good news is that, for the first time ever, we’re going to be running the whole program online and making it available for free to everyone.
That means you can tune in the week of Sept. 27 and find our entire conference program, more than 40 objective, vendor-neutral sessions, available for the viewing. That includes sessions like the incredibly detailed and valuable Cisco vs. Microsoft vs. Zoom comparative analysis session that Brent Kelly of Kelcor and Phil Edholm of PK Consulting put together every year. The program also includes our video/AV track, great contact center content, the results of a brand-new, big Omdia research survey on Future of Work, and tons more.
(A quick note: This had to be a pretty fast move on our part, so we’ll have the online schedule updated by the end of the week to show exact timing for sessions. But the descriptions you see online are what you’ll get when you tune in.)
And we’ve got keynotes from Microsoft, Cisco, Zoom, RingCentral, and AWS, and a couple of roundtable discussions that my colleague Beth Schultz will lead, with a panel of enterprise users, and as the centerpiece of our ongoing Women in Communications program.
You’ll also be able to get updated on our 100+ sponsors, everyone from the biggest strategic vendors to innovative startups and new market entrants. One of the things that our attendees tell us they love about Enterprise Connect is that it lets them be efficient — they can quickly size up and compare what the vendors are doing and what’s new with them, and it’s all in one place. That’s what we’ll have for you in our virtual event Sept. 27 – 29. As a preview, check out our page of video interviews with top sponsors here.
You know, for as long as I’ve been working on this show, I’ve had the same experience with the program: Our team starts out each planning cycle by talking to everyone we can think of who’s an expert in enterprise communications and collaboration, and we wrestle all that information into a program of several dozen sessions. Then we shift into all the nitty-gritty of producing the show. It’s only when presentations come in a couple of weeks before the show — which they now have — that we realize how amazing this stuff is, and how great the people we work with really are. Then we get super-excited to see it all happen.
That’s what I am now: Super-excited for Enterprise Connect 2021. I hope that if you check out the program you’ll get at least a little excited too, by the prospect of spending some time immersed in the ideas and issues that are shaping our industry at such an important, challenging, and, as they say, interesting time. So I hope you’ll join us online Sept. 27 – 29.