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And Action! Analytics at EC19

Each year the Innovation Showcase at Enterprise Connect highlights several never-before-at-EC companies that are innovating in a selected focus area. The 2019 theme is actionable analytics -- companies that mine communications data, so you can mind your customers better.
It’s fascinating how APIs and the cloud are unlocking meaningful insights in communications data. The old rule of communications reporting was mostly about volume such as how many calls were made, how long they lasted, popular area codes, and basic stuff like that. But today, we can derive so much more.
With various analytics tools, it’s now possible to identify and predict important trends from existing data. It’s now possible to measure, in real time, things like call quality, sentiment, top performers, emerging trends, and keywords. Of course, this is already being done by some of the major vendors, but simultaneously, there’s an ecosystem forming of younger, specialized analytics vendors.
The Innovation Showcase is a juried event. This year, three judges evaluated 18 applications and selected six companies for participation in the showcase. The 2019 judges are:
  • Alan Quayle -- As the founder of TADS and TADHack, Alan is an expert on new communications technologies and development.
  • Jay Philips -- Founder of Project Realms, a software consulting firm that specializes in software project management, quality assurance and development. She has completed multiple software projects across several domains including financial & healthcare environments.
  • Rob Kurver -- Rob has founded various technology companies, and today works with cloud communications providers on international marketing and business development.
The companies selected are all providing valuable insights into conversations. We do not rank the companies within the showcase; the following are listed in alphabetical order.
  • The Cognition platform unlocks the value of enterprise customer conversation data using artificial intelligence (AI) and semi-supervised machine learning technologies that harvest data insights from customer interactions. Discourse reviews customer conversations in order to improve chatbot effectiveness. With Cognition, companies can build better bots up to 50% faster.
  • The platform provides insights into sales conversations, aimed at helping sales teams convert conversations into sales by recording and analyzing conversations. Also useful for training and coaching purposes, Gong allows organizations to stop guessing what works and start measuring.
  • Prodoscore: Prodoscore aggregates and scores data from email, CRM, and telephony. The simple score identifies effective communications traits and problem behaviors in order to increase employee productivity and revenue.
  • QOS Networks: QOS Networks combines separate network services into a single "edge as a service" offering that encompasses software-defined WAN, security integrations, network configurations, management and monitoring, ITSM integrations, cloud connect, application support and performance monitoring, and more.
  • Rammer is an AI-powered online communication tool that unifies language insights across multiple channels and conversations. It provides live actionable insights that can impact the outcomes of interactions in real time.
  • TechSee: TechSee’s visual engagement platform uses modern AI technologies for visual guidance. It’s more than video conferencing and supports augmented services in assisted service and self-service modes. TechSee’s platform can be used in sales and service contact centers across multiple channels.
Each of the selected six companies will present their solutions at Enterprise Connect, in the session, “Innovation Showcase: Actionable Analytics,” scheduled for Monday, March 18 at 9:00 a.m. The three judges and myself will be at the Innovation Showcase session at Enterprise Connect, Monday, March 18, at 9:00 a.m. We hope to see you there!
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Dave Michels is a Contributing Editor and analyst at TalkingPointz.