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Dialpad Introduces VoiceAI with TalkIQ Acquisition

Cloud communications provider Dialpad today announced it has acquired TalkIQ, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered voice analytics startup, and is leveraging its technology in a new real-time voice intelligence capability, called VoiceAI.

Specifically, Dialpad will use TalkIQ's real-time speech recognition and natural language processing technologies to provide the ability for enterprises using its voice, conferencing, and call center services to capture information and learn from conversations as they take place.

With voice intelligence, enterprises should have the insight they need to be able to sell more effectively, hold more efficient and productive meetings, personalize customer experiences, and make smarter business decisions, for example. And they'll have the information available in real time with no need to install new software, Dialpad said.


Real-time transcription feature of Dialpad's VoiceAI

Initially, VoiceAI capabilities include:

  • Real-time call transcription -- as shown above, provides automatic transcriptions, without latency, available for any conversation in Dialpad, Dialpad Call Center, or UberConference call
  • Smart Notes -- as shown below, automatically captures action items, follow-ups, and important moments in conversations, and provides a shareable summary at the end of each call
  • Real-time sentiment analysis -- identifies positive and negative intents in customer conversations and calculates CSAT scores for all calls; allows Dialpad Call Center customers to assess account health, understand mentions of competitors, and gain insight on its own products and features
  • Real-time coaching -- provides real-time recommendations to agents as conversations occur, recommending responses to customer questions around pricing or features of particular products, for example


Moving Forward with TalkIQ

After meeting with what seemed like "virtually every voice artificial intelligence company in the world," Dialpad decided to work with TalkIQ for its real-time capabilities, the accuracy delivered by its technology, and synergies with the team and platform, Dialpad founder and CEO Craig Walker told me in a No Jitter briefing. Although Dialpad originally approached the partnership at an "arm's-length," as an integration, it quickly saw the benefit of acquiring the company and baking the technology into every single business voice, conference, or contact center call, he added.

For background, TalkIQ was founded in 2014 as part of Atomic Labs. Now a part of Dialpad, TalkIQ CEO Dan O'Connell joins Dialpad's board of directors and serves as the company's general manager for VoiceAI. Rory O'Driscoll, from TalkIQ's lead investor Scale Venture Partners, serves as a Dialpad board observer, Dialpad said.

"Our mission is to make business communications great and [the TalkIQ technology] fits into that perfectly," Walker said. "It allows all businesses to make smarter calls and makes every single conversation much more actionable. This is what a business communications call should be -- a better experience for the person on the phone, better for the customer, and better for the company."

A beta version of VoiceAI, featuring real-time transcription and sentiment analysis as well as Smart Notes, is available today as a free trial for existing Dialpad customers. Paid subscription plans will be available starting July 1, but Dialpad has not yet released pricing information.

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