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No Jitter Roll: Contact Center AI, RPA, Mobile Edge Computing

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This week we share announcements around contact center AI, robotic processing automation (RPA), enterprise 5G solutions, and speech technologies.
Google Cloud Enhances Dialogflow CX
Google Cloud last week revealed six additional features for its Dialogflow CX virtual agent. They are:
  • Continuous tests and deployment – Aims to provide bot developers with tools to help them manage their bot release cycles and lets users automatically run a set of test cases configured for an environment to validate the agent's intended behavior, Google said. Users can also run verification tests before deploying a flow version to the environment via the continuous deployment setting, Google added.
  • Private network access to webhook targets – Dialogflow now supports private network access via Service Directory integration, allowing it to connect to webhook targets within customers' virtual private cloud networks, Google said.
  • Search in console – Users can use this global search functionality to search, filter, and access resources such as entity types, intents, and training phrases. By clicking the Search Options icon, users can narrow their search and specify criteria for filtering results, Google said.
  • Streaming partial response – Previously, Dialogflow CX could only send systematic responses to an end user after the agent's turn was complete (which includes webhook execution), Google said. Customers can use this feature to add a static response to the fulfillment and enable partial response when using streaming APIs, Google added.
  • System functions support – Includes system functions that can perform basic arithmetic, string manipulation, conditional logic, and date/time operations, Google said.
  • Change history – Change Diffs, an enhancement to the change history feature (which logs changes to the agent), allows users to view the “before and after” of each resource and see what changed by clicking each entry in the change history table, Google said.
These features are available for public preview.
NICE Launches RPA Version 7.5
NICE, a provider of enterprise automation software, this week announced the latest version of its RPA solution, with the goal of accelerating RPA deployment success and boosting customer experience while extending support through each stage of the automation lifecycle. The enhancements enable:
  • Advanced, cloud-optimized deployment – A new platform architecture, optimized for cloud and on-premises deployments, uses Dockers and Kubernetes technologies to streamline and accelerate process automations executed from the cloud, NICE said. The platform eases upgrades and maintenance while providing unlimited scalability.
  • Alignment of automation to business goals – NICE incorporated enterprise-tailored AI into its Automation Finder, which can learn an organization's unique data and process characteristics while responding to ongoing input from the business analyst, NICE said.
  • The ability to tailor real-time guidance to unique customer needs – A deeper integration between the NICE Employee Virtual Attendant and Enlighten AI delivers real-time guidance that agents can use to adapt their behavior to meet the emotional and practical needs of the customer, NICE said.
Verizon Rolls Out Private Mobile Edge Cloud
Verizon this week debuted an on-premises, private mobile edge cloud computing solution for enterprises that combines its 5G Edge and Microsoft’s Azure Stack Edge platforms. This solution builds on the collaboration on 5G edge computing the companies announced last year. Verizon 5G Edge with Microsoft Azure Stack Edge enables the ultra-low latency and higher levels of security required for real-time high-bandwidth enterprise applications , such as computer vision, augmented and virtual reality, and machine learning, Verizon said.
Cradlepoint Releases 5G Enterprise Router
Wireless network edge technology provider Cradlepoint this week announced availability of an enterprise-class router for primary, failover, or SD-WAN 5G connectivity use cases.
The newly announced E3000 Series 5G Enterprise Router supports Cradlepoint’s NetCloud for Enterprise Branch service; 5G, high-speed fiber, and 2.5Gbps Ethernet WAN ports; most LTE and 5G connectivity options; and nine downstream switched Ethernet ports (four with Power over Ethernet) plus Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1. Additionally, it includes private network support for citizens broadband radio service in 5G and LTE modes; Cradlepoint’s Captive Modem adapter; and unified edge security with app-level control, intrusion detection/prevention, IP reputation, web content filtering, and a micro-segmentation firewall, Cradlepoint added.
An embedded 5G modem for low/mid-band, plus a field-upgradable modem slot for a second Gigabit LTE or 5G connection will be available in early 2022.
Sanas, Bring Out Speech AI
Lastly, we have a pair of AI-related announcements from startups Sanas and
First, conversational AI software provider Sanas this week revealed its real-time accent translation technology. Created by a team of student engineers from the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab, the accent translation service will intercept a customer’s audio and convert the accent into a familiar one for the customer representative, Sanas said. The service will be available later this fall.
Separately, Sanas has raised $5.5 million in seed funding, which it will use to expand its engineering team and introduce the service to more markets, the company said.
Second, real-time transcription provider last week expanded its Otter Assistant service to Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Cisco Webex; previously it had been only available for Zoom. Following a one-time user permission, Otter Assistant automatically joins calendar meetings to record, take notes, and share transcripts with participants. The Otter Assistant capability is part of the Otter Business plan, which is available starting at $20 per user/per month, said. 
Ryan Daily, No Jitter associate editor, contributed to this article.

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