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No Jitter Roll: AI Routing in the Contact Center, Voice Analytics

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This week we share announcements around intelligent contact center routing, voice analytics tools, a secure access service edge (SASE) and Google Cloud integration, a personalized videoconferencing kit, and CPaaS funding.
NICE Aims to Hyper-Personalize Customer Engagement
Enterprise software provider NICE this week launched Enlighten AI Routing at its Interactions Live event, which focused on next-generation customer experience (CX). Using data from the company’s AI-based customer engagement analytics framework, Enlighten AI, this new routing capability enables the delivery of hyper-personalized customer care.
For each interaction, Enlighten AI Routing evaluates data from Enlighten AI and other datasets to get a holistic view of the customer and determine the most influential data for that engagement, NICE said in its press release. Likewise, Enlighten AI Routing assesses agent-related data, such as recent training successes, active listening skills, and empathy, to optimize agent assignments, NICE said.
Enlighten AI, which uses machine learning to self-learn and improve datasets with each interaction, then can provide agents with real-time interaction guidance, NICE said. [Agents] can see the impact of their actions on the customer center and are given advice on how to adjust their tone, speed, and other key behaviors such as demonstrating ownership to improve it, Barry Cooper, president of the NICE Workforce and Customer Experience Division, said when introducing the product at Interactions.
The ability to deliver hyper-personalized customer care is a business necessity, as Omdia research analyst Mila D’Antonio noted in this related No Jitter article. It’s all about delivering an intelligent, contextual, and real-time data-driven human experience that connects customers with what matters most, she said.
TCN Launches Voice Analytics for Contact Center
Cloud contact center platform provider TCN this week revealed Voice Analytics, a set of advanced tools that includes a search engine for finding and retrieving calls using free-form combinations of keywords, phrases, and acoustic measures, as well as call metadata, plus automated call transcription and reduction to help identify instances of customer dissatisfaction. Using a speech recognition system, Voice Analytics generates full-text transcripts for every call and converts audio from recorded calls into structured data for searching and analyzing, TCN said. It can also leverage associated data, such as customer profile information, TCN added. In addition, Voice Analytics integrates into TCN’s Operator contact center platform.
TCN is initially offering Voice Analytics as a free 60-day trial.
Versa Networks, Google Cloud Team on Integration
Networking provider Versa Networks this week revealed that it has integrated its SASE service with Google Cloud Network Connectivity Center (NCC). With this integration, Versa customers can configure branch-to-branch and branch-to-Google Cloud connectivity, using Versa SASE as the secure network overlay, Versa said. Additionally, with zero-touch provisioning and the Google Cloud NCC integration, enterprises will be able to distribute workloads globally, scaling resources as needed across regions and availability zones, Versa said.
Konftel Personalizes Meeting Experience
Konftel, an audio and videoconferencing device maker, last week released Personal Video Kit, an A/V package designed for desktop users and hybrid working trends. The package comprises the Konftel Cam10 webcam and Konftel Ego speakerphone; is compatible with any application or cloud service; and provides a 90-degree viewing angle, high-definition video output, and OmniSound audio performance technology, Konftel said. Via the desktop app, users can enable zoom and customize image and camera when they connect the kit to their laptop, PC, or Bluetooth device, Konftel added.
The Konftel Personal Video Kit, available now, is priced at $279.
IntelePeer Gets Funding Boost
CPaaS provider IntelePeer this week announced the completion of $110 million in new funding, with $75 million in convertible notes and debt financing from Sixth Street Growth global investment firm and $35 million from private equity firm Savant Growth. This investment builds on a recent credit facility of over $60 million from Six Street Growth, IntelePeer added. IntelePeer will use the funds to expand its go-to-market team globally and to further development of the Atmosphere CPaaS platform in the areas of intelligent automation and integration, conversational AI for voice and text-based interactions, and AI-power insights, Frank Fawzi, CEO of IntelePeer, told No Jitter via email. The company may augment internal developments with acquisitions, he said.
Ryan Daily, No Jitter associate editor, contributed to this article.