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Steve Woo

Steve co-founded VeloCloud and leads product and marketing strategy. Prior to launching VeloCloud, he led the cloud strategy at Aerohive Networks after it acquired Pareto Networks, a cloud-based networking innovator at which he served as vice president of product management. Steve also spent time in the same role at McAfee, where he led the development of a next-generation firewall after McAfee acquired Secure Computing/Securify where he was vice president of products. Steve worked for Cisco Systems twice, after acquisitions of two companies where he was an executive (Riverhead Networks and Class Data Systems) that resulted in 50x return on investment to investors. Early in his career he worked at SynOptics Communications/Bay Networks, where his product line generated $1.7 billion of cumulative revenue, and he also spent time at McKinsey & Company. Steve has an MBA and MSEE from Stanford, and a BSEE from Cornell.

Steve is a passionate tennis player and spectator. He fearlessly participates with his sons in all manner of sports that he probably shouldn.t be doing, including snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, ATVing and others. These activities have earned him many weekend warrior injuries, but priceless memories.