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Sacha Nacar

Sacha is Voxbone's Developer Community Manager, helping the company's developer community build next-generation telecom applications. Over the past couple of years, he has helped Voxbone develop its developer community and program by building SDKs and writing API documentation. He works with companies and apps of all sizes and guides them through with the implementation of Voxbone's API and WebRTC client every step of the way.

By night, Sacha is a NodeJS and robotics tinkerer, thinking on his next Hackathon project. A JavaScript and Open-source enthusiast, he spends his time contributing to projects and organizing various JavaScript meetups around the world.

Sacha is an avid traveler and has lived in Brussels, Boston, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and now London. Newfound telecom enthusiast, Sacha is attending University College London's School of Electronic Engineering for a Master's degree in Telecommunications Engineering and Business.