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No Jitter Roll: Invoca Launches Custom AI Models, Verint's New Bot Redacts PII, Logitech's Headset Offers Heightened Call Clarity, and LeapXpert Unifies Communication Apps

Welcome to this week’s No Jitter Roll, our regular roundup of product news in the communication and collaboration spaces. This week, NJR highlights: Invoca's custom AI model creation tool for the contact center, Verint's new bot which automatically redacts PII, Logitech's headset that leverages AI to provide heightened call clarity, and LeapXpert's new solution to unify communication apps under a single phone number.

Invoca Launches AI-powered Innovations for Contact Centers

The “conversation intelligence” provider has introduced Signal AI Studio, a no-co UI which allows business to create and train custom AI models from customer interactions. Signal AI Studio will show specific moments from existing relevant calls for the user to review and it will automatically transcribe examples from existing calls that match the desired insight. The user can then confirm that the AI’s suggestion is correct. Signal AI Studio also allows users to create algorithms that will classify similar future conversations related to the insights they defined.

Verint Launches Bot to Protect Sensitive Customer Data and Reduce Compliance Risk

The provider of customer engagement solutions has launched the Verint Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Redaction Bot, which allows organizations to automatically identify and remove PII in interaction data. PII includes data such as credit card and social security numbers, dates of birth, etc. The bot can be used in combination with other approaches like automated screen triggers to redact PII. The new bot is part of the Verint Open CCaaS Platform.

Logitech Unveils Zone Wireless 2

The device manufacturer launched the Zone Wireless 2, a business headset that incorporates noise-canceling mics, hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), which blocks out ambient noise around workspaces, and AI to suppress ambient noise from the other person’s side of the call. The headset is also certified for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Google Voice, and Fast Pair.

LeapXpert Introduces Single Professional Identity

As part of LeapXpert’s Communications platform, the company’s new offering, Single Professional Identity, allows enterprises to assign one business phone number per employee on corporate and personal devices. For example, messages sent over WhatsApp, iMessage, SMS, WeChat, Telegram, LINE, or a phone call, can all be associated with a single business phone number. So, communications across all these different channels can be governed and recorded to ensure enterprise oversight, data security, and regulatory compliance. Single Professional Identity can be associated with any mobile or fixed number, either one issued by LeapXpert or ported from previous providers.

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