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No Jitter Roll EC24 Day One: Amazon Connect, NICE, RingCentral, Zoom and Cisco Among Those Making News

Welcome to the Enterprise Connect 2024 Day One edition of No Jitter Roll. Today, we highlight some of the announcements on day one of this year’s show, including Amazon Connect’s inclusion of new generative AI capabilities in its platform; NICE’s Enlighten XM which provides AI-powered personalization to the customer journey; and RingCentral’s AI-infused RingEX, which replaces RingCentral MVP, and provides a personalized generative AI assistant.

Zoom debuted Zoom Workplace which adds new AI capabilities and other features, Cisco launched two new devices for hybrid work, eGain announced a zero-code tool for Gen AI in CCaaS, and Talkdesk debuted a product to Gen AI-enable on-premises contact centers.


Amazon Connect Introduces New AI Capabilities

Amazon Connect, the contact center as a service (CCaaS) offering from AWS, made several announcements, including:

  • Amazon Connect Contact Lens now provides generative AI powered post-contact summarization. Contact Lens already labels parts of contact transcripts as issue, outcome, and action item. With this launch, Contact Lens will now summarize a long customer conversation. This capability leverages Amazon Bedrock, and is available for both voice and chat channel.
  • Using insights from conversational analytics, managers/supervisors can now use Contact Lens  to automatically fill and submit evaluations without manual review, and get aggregations on agent performance across cohorts of agents over time.
  • Amazon Connect Chat customers can create interactive, self-service experiences using the same drag-and-drop Views designer used for creating step-by-step guides for contact center agents.
  • Lastly, the Amazon Connect agent workspace will now support third-party application integrations. This will allow customer data to pass between Amazon Connect and other applications, as well as allowing more customization of contact flows for unique business requirements.


Source: Amazon Connect


NICE Unveils Enlighten XM

The contact solutions vendor unveiled NICE Enlighten XM (Experience Memory), the latest advancement to NICE’s CX AI solution. Some capabilities of NICE Enlighten XM include:

  • Combining interaction data, metadata, and analytics from the enterprise’s CX ecosystem to provide an understanding of a customer's history and preferences.
  • Resuming interactions where they left off, regardless of channel or device, enabling asynchronous bot-and-agent-led interactions to understand and address customer needs.
  • Dynamically determining the optimal next action, response, or activity in real-time based on past performance, leveraging the LLMs’ data memory and the brand's knowledge base.

These capabilities are made possible by the CX-specific AI models from NICE Enlighten.

In another release, NICE announced that NICE Enlighten, NICE’s CX AI has augmented and automated over 100 million customer interactions per month since its launch in 2020.


RingCentral MVP is now RingEX; Includes RingSense AI

The unified communications, contact center, video, and hybrid event solutions provider announced RingEX (Employee Experience), “infused” with RingSense AI will replace RingCentral MVP in order to “reflect a focus on elevating the employee experience.”

Some of the personal AI assistant capabilities in RingEX with RingSense AI include:

  • Real-time note-taking and capture of outstanding questions and action items. The following graphic shows the real-time note taking in the context of a phone call.
  • AI-generated summaries, notes, action items, and recording highlights. 
  • Unread message recap.
  • AI writer and translator for messages while keeping the context of conversations and in the user’s preferred style and length. Supported languages include Spanish, French, German, Chinese, or English.
  • Uses generative AI to search for information from conversations across phone, SMS, and voicemails. In Summer 2024, the search will include email, meetings, and chat.
  • Automatically generates video “highlight reels” and searchable text summaries of meetings, as well as keyword-based clips, transcripts, summaries, topic lists, replays by specific speakers.

RingSense AI for RingEX is currently rolling out in preview among select customers. Further information on pricing and specifics will be available in the coming months.

RingSenseAI SmartNotes
Source: RingCentral


Cisco Announces New Multifunctional Collaboration Devices for Hybrid Work

Cisco launched two devices, the Cisco Board Pro G2, an AI- and touch-enabled collaboration device, as well as the Cisco Desk Phone 9800 Series.

The Cisco Board Pro G2 is designed for a range of small and medium-sized workspaces. It features a 96-megapixel dual-lens camera system and a new AI virtual zoom capability that can extend camera reach in longer rooms without impacting video quality. Additionally, it supports multi-stream layouts in Webex Meetings so that participants can simultaneously see an overview of the entire room in addition to the active speaker. It has an NVIDIA chipset and Microsoft Teams Rooms certification for Microsoft, Miro, Mural and Webex visual collaboration applications. It is powered by the RoomOS and natively supports Cisco Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms on the same device.

The Cisco Desk Phone 9800 Series provides users with the ability to reserve desks in advance via Cisco Spaces and use wayfinding to locate them. Once at their desk, users can check in via QR code, view their contacts and call history and connect to their personal work calender. The 9800 series supports secure log-in, end-to-end encryption for meetings and calls via Trusted Platform Module 2.0 hardware, zero touch provisioning and support for ThousandEyes. Both Board Pro G2 and Cisco Desk Phone Series 9800 integrate with Cisco Spaces and Control Hub.


Zoom unveils AI-powered collaboration platform, Zoom Workplace

The UCaaS and CCaaS provider announced Zoom Workplace, its AI-powered, open collaboration platform, and introduced new AI Companion expansions, along with 40 other features that touch nearly every product within the Zoom portfolio. The following are just a few examples of the new features and functionality.

For example, Zoom introduced Ask AI Companion which is a new way to interact. Ask AI Companion will gather, synthesize, and share information from Zoom Meetings, Mail, Team Chat, Notes, Docs, and more. Ask AI Companion will also help prepare users for and recap meetings, show relevant action items, draft agendas, and summarize chat and email threads, as well as documents.

Zoom Phone now includes AI Companion capabilities and will allow users to request a post-call summary and next steps. It will also prioritize voicemail, extract tasks from voicemails, and summarize Team SMS threads.

For Zoom Meetings, users will see a new Meetings tab within the Zoom app with which users can access continuous meeting chats from the Meeting card before and after the meeting. During meetings, the new multi-speaker view will adapt the video layout to highlight active speakers, AI-powered portrait lighting will help illuminate users’ faces in poor lighting, and generative AI virtual backgrounds allows the creation of custom backgrounds.

In Zoom Contact Center, businesses can now expand their digital communication channels to include WhatsApp and inbound email. Supervisors will have visibility into their agents’ live engagements with real-time customer sentiment, live transcriptions, and conversation summaries from a single dashboard. Zoom Contact Center and Zoom Phone will also offer an integration with PCI Pal to enable secure capture of payment data, including PCI attestation of compliance (AOC). Also, Zoom Contact Center customers can now store certain data locally in Zoom’s EU data center.

All AI Companion features will continue to be included at no additional cost with the paid services in eligible Zoom user accounts. Note that Zoom Contact Center already includes AI Companion for Contact Center at no additional cost.

Source: Zoom


eGain Announces AssistGPT for CCaaS

The AI knowledge platform provider for customer service announced the availability of its AssistGPT generative AI service for CCaaS. Part of the eGain Knowledge Hub, AssistGPT is a zero-code tool to help automate the knowledge management lifecycle. It includes an AI Console that allows administrators to define controls and guard rails for the use of generative AI, manage prompts, and orchestrate Gen AI with other AI technologies in the enterprise. AssistGPT for CCaaS is available in the marketplaces of Cisco, Amazon Connect, Avaya, Genesys, Five9, Talkdesk and others.


Talkdesk modernizes on-premises contact centers with Generative AI Suite

The AI-powered contact center announced Talkdesk Ascend Connect, a Gen AI suite for on-premises environments. This new suite comprises four components: Talkdesk Autopilot for conversational AI, Talkdesk Copilot with a real-time virtual assistant for agents, Talkdesk Interaction Analytics to provide operational insights, and Talkdesk AI Trainer for responsible Gen AI.

Talkdesk Ascend Connect has a no-code intuitive interface backed by Talkdesk AI Trainer and pre-built AI components. This allows IT teams and developers to rapidly deploy, customize, and maintain Gen AI models through drag-and-drop tools.

Talkdesk said that Ascend Connect can be used in any enterprise contact center using legacy third-party on-premises contact center solutions.


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