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WebRTC and Self-Service

WebRTC opens a new way for communications to be delivered, through the webification of communications. WebRTC has started with enabling popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox to have a built-in media engine capable of voice, video or data. With WebRTC, any enabled device can have a rich media experience through simple web programming and web servers. With WebRTC, any of the 40 million web servers can now be a communications host.

While WebRTC has the potential to change much of what we think communications is, one area of huge impact is customer service and interaction. With 70-90% of contact center interaction preceded by a web site visit, the capability to integrate interactions closely with the web will open the door to superior service, satisfaction, and loyalty. But it will also open the door to significant savings.

Next Wednesday, I will be doing an Enterprise Connect webinar about how WebRTC can change your customer service solutions. I will talk about what WebRTC is and how it can be integrated with the web site. The session will cover how The session will talk about how WebRTC can be used to enhance the self-service capabilities of your web site, potentially reducing agent traffic.

WebRTC is poised to change the customer interaction environment. This webinar will introduce the concepts so you can understand whether WebRTC is right for you and your customers.