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Open Collaboration: Innovating on a Bright Future for All

What do I deploy now? This question was tough enough to answer before the pandemic and now, with so many of us working remotely, the challenges businesses have faced with collaboration tools have come to the forefront.
Some of the biggest challenges include integrating conference functionality with business and collaboration apps, limited support for mobile devices, functionality gaps across operating systems, the high volume of support requests, difficulties setting up meetings, and difficulty using in-room resources. A recent Wright Technologies article states that companies should act now to address these challenges because the traditional office layout is becoming less and less relevant to the way people do business.
Today's collaboration needs are rapidly changing, heightening the importance of interoperability, security, and customization. This can be daunting, especially for those faced with supporting huddle rooms, executive briefing centers, clinics, learning spaces, and even large auditoriums. Users want to include whiteboarding, scrum applications, and other functionality that may not be standard or offered on their current solution. And users need to collaborate across communication channels that include a plethora of UC platforms and other apps.
Knowing how data is being transmitted and if, when, or where it is being stored is also crucial. Users cannot make an informed choice about what tools to use because they do not know what tools are secure or even how to benchmark security for each tool. Websites show a lock icon when a site's security certificate is valid, but what is the parallel for unified communications, whiteboarding, and messaging? Reading a security white paper, even if it were available, is not feasible for every service.
As an industry with a common goal to make collaboration open and endless, we can make a brighter future for all. Imagine a universal directory and a baseline set of capabilities that would allow us to contact each other without having to find a common platform. We need an agile solution that delivers frictionless customization. We also need a universal security standard that is comprehensible to every user. Whenever we install an app or collaboration tool there should be security shorthand that lets us know exactly how, if, or where data is being transferred and stored and who has access to it — without the need for a multi-page document.
At Intel, we are doing our part to push innovation in collaboration. Our Intel Unite solution is easy to deploy and offers limitless customization. It is constantly evolving to meet new needs and new approaches to collaboration, education, and consultation in healthcare operations. It is architected for the future, and as such will be able to adapt to capabilities that do not exist today. Click here to discover more.
There's much to be excited about right now and how we collaborate into the future. Remember the Palm Pilots and Blackberries of over a decade ago? Collaboration technology is poised to be this decade’s smartphone, bringing everyone together and making today’s challenges a thing of the past.