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Voss Launches Teams Migration Service, Asana Unveils New Workflow Tools


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Image: Andrey Suslov - Alamy Stock Photo
Welcome to the latest edition of No Jitter Roll. Today: Voss announces a cloud-based service to assist enterprises in migrating their voice communications platform to Teams; Asana beefs up its cross-organization collaboration tools; Airtame debuts a single-pane solution for accessing multiple meetings.
Voss Unveils “Give Teams a Voice” Initiative to Assist Teams Migration
The unified management solutions company announced a new cloud-delivered service meant to help enterprise companies transition their voice communications platform to Teams.
The Give Teams a Voice package has three discrete stages:
  • A discovery process – Voss looks at a client's existing enterprise voice inventory and set-up, possible issues, and dependencies.
  • Mapping and transformation – In this step, Voss will begin mapping the existing voice inventory to the new technology platform, then does batch loading to automate and streamline the migration.
  • Automation management – This includes day-to-day service management, using Voss Automate.
“The adoption of Microsoft Teams for collaboration and productivity has been unprecedented. Now, companies are looking to bring their enterprise voice strategy under the Microsoft umbrella, for a seamless single-vendor experience, ” Tim Jalland, Microsoft solution manager at Voss, said.
Asana Launches Tool Aimed at Boosting Cross-Company Collaboration
The workflow-management vendor announced the launch of Asana Flow, a suite of offerings that help end users prioritize work with an intelligent Home interface and build start-to-finish workflows with Workflow Builder. Asana Flow also allows managers insights into project processes via Workflow Reporting.
Asana Flow includes template library with preprogrammed workflows, while the Workflow Builder boosts cross-organizational collaboration by allowing end users to design and build connected processes that give all participants visibility on who’s doing what, by when.
Both Workflow Builder and the template library include integrations with Miro and Jotform; Google Drive integration is coming soon.
“Companies today are organized functionally, but the real work that moves an organization forward is done cross-functionally,” said Alex Hood, chief product officer, Asana. “Almost two years in, the work-from-everywhere era has shown just how difficult cross-functional work is when it’s siloed across teams and tools. Without a shared tool to see how their work connects across the organization, employees are spending more time on work coordination than the job they’ve been hired to do – leading to lower engagement and rising burnout.”
Airtame Debuts Cross-Service Video Meetings Service
The conference-technology provider announced the Airtame Rooms subscription, which is meant to help companies run video meetings from multiple providers from one central interface. Airtame Rooms requires the following components:
  • One piece of hardware, the Airtame Hub, which uses a PoE-enabled connection to ensure low latency and dependable calls and is physically connected to peripherals such as the room’s camera and microphones.
  • An Airtame Rooms subscription, which is what runs on the Airtame hub and allows both a single-pane room link for end users — saving them from having to figure out if a meeting with someone is in Zoom, on Teams or on Slack — and an easy way for enterprise administrators to support and troubleshoot the meetings.
  • The Airtame app, which a company's end users download in order to join meetings through the company's Airtame Rooms subscription.
Airtame’s new hybrid conferencing solution will be available for pre-order in April, with a small number of licenses available to interested customers now.