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TCN Prescribes Fix for Health Care Call Centers

For healthcare providers, taking mundane tasks out of the call center can give agents more time to spend on productive patient engagements and, in turn, help boost profitability.

Toward that end, hosted call center provider TCN recently introduced VocalRX, a cloud-based automated patient engagement solution for more efficient and cost-effective patient communications. Countless practices can benefit from automating many of the routine back-office billing and front-office scheduling tasks. These tasks, while mundane, aren't unimportant -- they are the little details that can make for a better client/patient experience.

VocalRX, which features an easy-to-use graphical user interface and integrates with electronic health record systems, automates tasks such as appointment reminders and confirmations, bill payment reminders, and requests for patient feedback. VocalRX can help a practice eliminate hold times and prevent patient frustration, thus improving the experience and boosting patient retention rates. Also of note is that VocalRX can help reduce employee churn, which is common when call center agents burn out on repetitive, mind-numbing tasks.

The key drivers of scalability and cost efficiency should capture the attention of many practice business managers.

I believe VocalRX meets a few of the 14 principles of management from W. Edwards Deming that I often cite. Worth noting here are these four:

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