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Relive the excitement of Customer Contact Week with AWS and CX leaders

At Customer Contact Week 2023, AWS held workshops, sessions, demos, and a mainstage panel to help our customers solve their most pressing challenges. Many businesses don’t have the resources to deal with predicting contact volume, managing annual licenses, reducing agent retention, and building complex IVRs. For many of our customers, it’s not their expertise – nor should it have to be. 

Throughout the week, we shared best practices, tips, and launches, that help businesses of any size delight customers, make agents productive from day one, and give rich data and actionable insights to managers to continuously improve the customer experience. In this article, we’ll run you through some actionable insights and takeaways to help you on your journey towards better customer experience!

AI/ML best practices from Truist, CSC Generation, California DMV, and AWS

In our mainstage panel, attendees heard CX leaders at the California DMV, CSC Generation, Truist, and AWS share valuable insights into how AI is transforming customer experiences through agent assist, self-service, and conversational analytics capabilities. Each customer shared how they are reinventing their customer experience with the latest contact center AI and ML technology: 

  • The California DMV spoke about their chatbot named “Miles”, that helps solve simple customer inquiries and deflect calls from voice. 
  • Truist focused on building a connected channel strategy that fosters seamless transitions from digital and mobile experiences to agent assisted experiences. 
  • CSC Generation shared how they’re envisioning the next generation of agent assistance using generative AI. 
  • Lastly, Kevan Mah, Director of Product Management for Amazon Connect, shared the three major use cases – agent assist, conversational analytics, and self-service – where we see an opportunity to apply generative AI to build on Amazon Connect’s existing built-in ML capabilities to drive immediate business value. 

Taking CX to the next level with a seamless omnichannel strategy

Alder Alarms spoke about how Amazon Connect is helping them deliver on their omnichannel CX strategy by reaching customers at scale with outbound campaigns. After migrating to Amazon Connect in just two months, they now also taking advantage of Contact Lens to provide insights, like common contact issues, back into their business and Amazon Connect’s agent workspace provides their agents everything they need to deliver a better customer experience. 

Discovering how Unum reinvented their agent experience to be more agile and agent friendly

In our session on agent productivity, Unum, an insurance company that offers disability, life, and other types of insurance coverage to individuals and businesses, joined us on stage to talk about building better agent experiences. Unum shared how they’ve recently adopted step-by-step guides in the Amazon Connect agent workspace to deliver next best actions for handling simple to complex customer interactions. By providing agents everything they need within a unified workspace, Unum has reduced average handle times by 90% and provided more personalized service to their customers.

Optimizing your workforce and improving agent performance with AI/ML-powered innovations

During our session focused on analytics, insights, and optimization, attendees saw demos and many new ML-powered innovations within Amazon Connect forecasting, capacity planning, and scheduling, and Contact Lens. We were excited to announce the general availability of Contact Lens screen recording, which enables businesses to easily record agents’ screens along with their audio in Amazon Connect. This provides managers the ability to not only listen to, but also watch, agents’ actions while handling a customer contact (voice call, chat, or tasks). Frontdoor, a home maintenance and repair company, joined us in this session to share how they are using Contact Lens to make better informed decisions, and strengthen their agent coaching strategy.

You can read our contact center blog to learn how customers like Frontdoor are benefiting from the new analytics, insights, and optimization capabilities of Amazon Connect including the recently launched screen recording to improve contact quality and agent performance.


To learn more about the latest Amazon Connect innovations highlighted at CCW, visit the Amazon Connect website.