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Best Practices to Improve Contact Quality and Agent Performance

In today's dynamic business environment, contact centers face the challenge of meeting continuously evolving and increasing customer expectations. Improving the quality of customer interactions within the contact center plays a critical role in shaping customer experiences and providing positive business outcomes. Businesses that acknowledge this, are turning to advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and real-time analytics to gain deeper insights into customer needs, identify areas for improvement, and provide exceptional interactions from the very first contact. Solutions like Amazon Connect Contact Lens leverage these advancements to monitor, measure, and continuously improve contact quality and agent performance. In this article, we will explore the best practices and new innovations in real-time analytics and quality management within Contact Lens, including conversational analytics, screen recording, and performance evaluations, and how these capabilities together help companies deliver a better overall customer experience through their contact center.

Recent Contact Lens innovations

Conversational analytics gets richer with theme detection 

With Contact Lens conversational analytics, businesses have the ability to easily access contact transcripts, analyze customer sentiment and conversation characteristics (e.g., non-talk time, interruptions, loudness etc.), identify top contact drivers, access contact summary (e.g., issues, action items, and outcome), and monitor compliance with contact center guidelines, all in real-time. In May 2023, new theme detection capabilities were introduced, further enhancing the power of conversational analytics. These capabilities help identify top contact drivers by grouping customer conversations into themes. For example, you can discover trending customer experience issues (such as "cancel reservation" or "delayed order) from thousands of contact center interactions and resolve crucial issues before they impact other customers.

Screen recording launched in June 2023 

We were excited to recently announce the general availability of Contact Lens screen recording, which enables businesses to easily record agents’ screens along with their audio in Amazon Connect. This capability allows managers to not only listen but also observe agents' actions during customer contacts, including voice calls, chats, or tasks. By watching agents' interactions firsthand, managers can identify areas for coaching, such as extended contact durations or non-compliance with business processes. By leveraging screen recording managers can go beyond just listening to calls or reviewing chat transcripts, enabling a more accurate assessment of contact quality and facilitating improvements in agent performance.

Performance evaluations that reduce the need for manual reviews and more easily identify coaching needs

Contact Lens also improves the performance evaluation processes by enabling assessment of agent performance criteria and automatically complete evaluations for as many customer interactions you choose. Conversational analytics automatically populates evaluation results scoring criteria like script adherence, sensitive data collection, and customer greetings to reduce the time you spend identifying and coaching agents, helping them to perform at their best. Businesses can also analyze aggregations of agent performance and insights across cohorts of agents over time and trigger supervisor alerts or follow-up tasks using performance evaluation results.

Enhancing customer interactions in a contact center is essential for providing exceptional customer service and achieving positive business outcomes. In this article we examined some critical practices and technology innovations across conversational analytics and automated quality management that contact centers are exploring and deploying in order deliver better customer experiences in their business. To learn more about the best practices Amazon Connect customers are leveraging with these type of innovations to improve the customer experience through their contact center, visit the Amazon Connect website.