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Human Connections in Crisis: Empathy in Action for Better Relationships

People are not feeling like themselves in pandemic times and many crave human connections. Some are turning to customer service and interacting on digital channels at a higher rate than ever before for those experiences.
In this report, you’ll explore how the pandemic created a connection deficit in our society and the toll it’s taken on our health and well-being.
Customer service can play a role in fixing this connection deficit. Learn how empathy in action can help companies establish a human connection with their consumers to meet their needs and increase brand loyalty.
Learn why:
  • 40% of consumers feel less connected now than before the pandemic
  • One in six consumers have called customer service just to hear a human voice
  • More than 67% of consumers prefer empathetic customer service experiences over speedy resolutions
Cover image of Genesys "Human Connections in Crisis" whitepaper