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See You at the Digital Conference & Expo


Illustration of virtual connections
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One of the best things about live events like Enterprise Connect is the moments of serendipity or random connection. For me, it happens most at our attendee appreciation party on Wednesday evening, the final night of our Orlando show. Like many attendees, I usually spend Sunday through Wednesday running from one scheduled meeting or session to another, but Wednesday night I can actually go out and spend a couple of hours hanging out on the Gaylord Palms event lawn, with no agenda other than to meet, get acquainted with, and thank some of the folks for whom we put the show on.
But in-person events are no longer a thing, at least for the time being. So as we put together our Enterprise Connect Digital Conference & Expo 2020 for the week of Aug. 3, we considered it essential to add some of that opportunity for connection among attendees.
We may not be able to create something as random as a conversation struck up at the bar or with the person sitting next to you in the session room, but we have come upon some ways to help our attendees meet folks they don’t already know, and engage as closely as people are able these days. Check out this video to see how the virtual event platform we’re using helps attendees find like-minded colleagues and engage with them. You can even start up a video call.
Likewise, the platform lets you efficiently find the vendors you want to meet. Given the current economic uncertainties, your IT budget may be tight, but there’s some evidence that even despite reductions in overall IT spending, the amount going toward supporting work-from-home technology — i.e., enterprise communications and collaboration — is increasing to meet the needs of a newly-dispersed workforce. For many enterprise communications decision-makers, the mandate may be twofold: Cut costs wherever you can, so that you can make new investments where you must.
So our virtual event will have all the major vendors side-by-side for you to compare, and of course it’ll have the vendor-neutral, in-depth conference sessions that you’ve always known us for — which will be even more important this year as you pursue smart choices in a challenging environment. We’ve got all the technology and market bases covered, from contact centers to video to team collaboration and lots more.
The other thing that’s great about the virtual event platform is that it actually uses many of the technologies we talk about at the show. The environment allows attendees, exhibitors, and speakers to break out into video chats, and the platform’s AI functionality provides recommendations for sponsors, sessions, and colleagues you might want to engage with, based on your previous activity in the platform.
That means you can get the most out of your time in our virtual event. We know that, unlike a live event in a distant location, you’ll probably be doing your day job while our virtual event is going on. So, we’ve made it as efficient as possible when you are with us that week. No matter how much or little time you’re able to spend with us, I’m convinced you’ll get the most out of it.
We’d love to have you join us the week of Aug. 3 — sign up here!