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Digitalization: Get a Global Telecom Provider Involved

Migration to the cloud is a necessity for successful digitalization. For companies of all shapes and sizes, cloud-based solutions have become the de facto way for delivering upon a wide range of business needs in today’s global economy.
Using cloud solutions instead of rigid hardware systems, it is possible to better connect remote teams, launch a presence in new markets, or quickly scale up and down service infrastructure based on business cycles and demand spikes. But, despite the many benefits that a modern cloud communications offering can bring, managing a global presence is still not without its challenges.
It’s easy to fall foul of thinking that all communication providers offer the same experience. And yet keeping up with a business that is expanding its global footprint and is pursuing continued digitalization initiatives is no trivial task for cloud communications providers. This is why partnering with a global telecom provider is key to supporting business digitalization journeys.
Such partnerships can offer three key benefits:
Unrivaled scale and reach
For those undertaking their digitalization journeys, it is important to consider how they’re going to scale up their cloud communications needs over time. This makes it essential to have a partner with a global presence and a unified infrastructure that can ensure consistent and high-quality performance.
Reaping the most benefit also means looking for a telecom provider that can get a business up and running quickly in the cloud, while taking care of the network connectivity and telecommunications stacks and offering round-the-clock operational support. The provider should be able to establish an in-country presence with local and national numbers, toll-free, and mobile numbers, wherever needed.
Self-service capabilities
Being able to easily manage cloud-based communications solutions is equally important. Global telecom providers, like BICS, give you all the tools you need to manage your programmable numbers. This includes self-service portals and APIs that ensure flexibility and agility, simplifying the process of numbers management.
Equally important is the ability to tap into programmable APIs that can integrate communications capabilities into business applications, processes, and workflows. This allows businesses to further streamline operations with automation and makes it easier for IT departments to manage a global presence.
Additional value and support
Cloud communications is still fallible to fraud, which is why it’s essential to select a telecom provider that can offer fraud prevention as standard, together with other value-added services to safeguard against robocalling and other threats. Advanced telecom providers protect against fraudsters at the network level with constant monitoring and enhanced traffic visibility.
For businesses looking to move their communications to the cloud and expand their global footprint, it’s important to choose a global telecom provider that can scale with the needs of customers and employees. Read our latest whitepaper, "Your Digitalization Journey: A Smooth Path to the Cloud," to find out more.