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Composable, Democratized Tech Offers a CX Advantage


Many enterprises recognize the importance of a great customer experience (CX), with 45% of companies citing CX as a top-three priority over the next year. The link between CX and organizational success is also becoming more apparent: 63% of high-growth organizations say they proactively engage with customers to ensure the best experiences compared with 37% of low-growth businesses.
We all recognize the value of exceptional customer experiences—for end customers and the organizations that serve them. But the challenge of building, maintaining, and, crucially, evolving compelling customer journeys grows by the year.
Consumer demands change all the time. New channels become available; competitors launch new customer service initiatives. There are so many factors to consider, but the fact is that many organizations don’t have the technologies and operational agility they need to keep up. Legacy systems lack the flexibility necessary for connected digital channels, automation, and organization-wide integration—key pillars that help create modern end-to-end customer experiences.
What’s the secret to achieving customer experience goals when your infrastructure is holding you back? Webex’s latest whitepaper poses that question and explores two changes that CX and IT leaders can make to dramatically increase their agility and realize rapid digital transformation: a composable enterprise and democratized IT.
How to Become a Composable Enterprise
Traditional systems lead to organizations stagnating; time to market stretches out, and it’s more difficult to innovate. A composable approach allows organizations to assemble offerings using pre-packaged building blocks and capabilities instead.
This transition to a modular architecture—whether for customer engagement or internal infrastructure—enables much more rapid iteration and improvement. Breaking systems down into discrete components requires collaboration between technical and business personnel. But it creates an environment where sophisticated, end-to-end customer journeys with deep personalization and loyalty-building interactions are within reach.
Put Technology in the Hands of Your People
Composable enterprises also create the ideal environment for IT democratization. The democratization of IT has two purposes: empowering more workers with technology and increasing the capabilities of non-technical workers.
Low-code tools can help citizen developers across different business units build and maintain their solutions without relying solely on IT resources. They can also support everything from application development and data analysis to building and operating individual customer experience journeys.
With low-code platforms, organizations can innovate faster and create systems that truly answer employee and customer needs—all while maintaining security and other IT-mandated controls.
Start Your Journey
This level of transformation is no easy task—but it’s essential if organizations want to shift from outdated technology infrastructure and thrive in the future. IT and business leaders need to approach this as a holistic initiative, involving users across the business and keeping customer needs at the forefront.
Here are some ways to simplify the journey; many organizations bring enterprise-grade solutions like Webex Connect to accelerate the shift to composable, modular systems. Tapping into a ready-made set of tools takes much of the complexity out of this transformation, allowing business and IT leaders to focus on refining and expanding the customer experience rather than spending all their time and energy on replacing their technology.
If you’re ready to learn more about composable enterprises and democratized IT—see how you can start your transformation. Click here to download your copy of The composable enterprise and IT democratization—the competitive advantage CX and IT leaders need. For more discussion on approaches that help you deliver compelling customer experiences faster, the whitepaper also includes a checklist to help guide your transition to a more agile, responsive organization.