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Getting a Holistic View on CX


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On No Jitter this week, Mila D’Antonio, principal analyst with Omdia, looked at how AI and automation in the contact center will drive CX toward more effective ways of personalizing and improving the customer experience. The most striking data was from an Omdia survey that showed enterprises’ deployment plans for some key AI-powered capabilities including:

  • Caller intent
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Social listening
  • Survey and review analytics

More than 50% of enterprises surveyed had already deployed these functions, and 90% expect to have deployed these functions within 18 months. As D’Antonio points out, this is important because, “By leveraging insights derived from customer sentiment analysis, employees can develop stronger empathy, better interpersonal skills, and a deeper understanding of customer emotions, ultimately leading to improved customer interactions and relationships.”

Technologies like those listed above stand to play a major role in improving CX, but as D’Antonio says, they must be part of a holistic vision that uses the data and analysis to better understand the human beings the enterprise serves.

That’s why I’m super-excited about a session we’ve just added to the Enterprise Connect 2024 program: “Conversation with a Chief Experience Officer.” We’re honored to have Rhonda Bartlett, Vice President, Consumer Experience and Access at New York-Presbyterian (NYP) Hospital, whose 34,000 employees serve an institution that sees over 2 million visits a year.

Here are some of the key issues Bartlett will discuss when she sits down with consultant Steve Leaden of Leaden Associates, a longtime Enterprise Connect independent expert:

  • New York Presbyterian's (NYP's) overall focus on the customer/patient experience
  • Best practices for Contact Center operations and customer/patient experience (PX)
  • Latest SLAs that NYP is following for the best patient experience
  • What technologies NYP is employing/planning to deploy for a better patient experience
  • What specific strategies NYP is employing/planning to employ towards appointment reminders/confirmations, feedback post visit and other areas to enhance the patient experience/PX
  • What role AI has in the organization to improve the customer/patient experience

Enterprise Connect 2024’s CX/Contact Center track is incredibly full of great sessions, many of them featuring enterprise executives, including case studies on use of conversational and generative AI in CX; planning and executing on a complex CCaaS migration and avoiding the pitfalls; and identifying the right data to ascertain what’s really going on in the contact center. And that’s in addition to the half-dozen sessions in this track presented by independent experts, sharing their deep insights and powerful, data-driven analysis.

I’m hoping that our conversation with Rhonda Bartlett of New York-Presbyterian will provide the kind of context and holistic view that will tie all of these insights together. And I hope you can join us in Orlando to partake of this feast of learning. Our lowest rates for Conference registration end next Friday, January 26, so don’t wait—check out the event and register now!