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CPaaS 2.0: Enterprises Need More Than APIs

CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) is everywhere these days - and for good reason! This next wave of innovation is disrupting user experiences with communications embedded in applications for real-time interactions. While CPaaS traditionally has been targeted toward developers and digital-native companies, enterprises need more than APIs to tackle digital transformation.
This is where CPaaS 2.0 comes in: It goes beyond APIs and integration and delivers programmable communications with the flexibility, customization, and ease of use that enterprises truly need to create a better customer experience and improve processes.
Develop Applications Without Having to Code
While open APIs are a must-have with CPaaS, they are targeted toward the developer who is embedding real-time communications into applications. But the ability to solve day-to-day business challenges and improve customer interactions should not be limited to those who know how to code. With out-of-the-box applications and plug-ins, end users can create and integrate workflows without needing to access development resources.
Solve Business Challenges with Automation
Once you put the ability to build applications into the hands of non-developers, you empower them to solve issues they face daily. Marketing, HR, Finance, and Customer Service teams can use communications-embedded workflows and automation to increase productivity, improve customer engagement, and reduce costs.
Create a Consistent Customer Experience Across Channels
You already know that today’s consumers want more options to reach your business other than by phone. You may be providing SMS, email, chat, and social media options but are you providing the same experience through all channels? The answer to that can be “yes” when you can create flows that are integrated across channels and with existing applications.
Access Analytics -- Lots of Them, in One Place
When it comes to customer interaction metrics, most CPaaS solutions only show a snapshot of the interaction or need third-party integrations to show the full picture. However, complete visibility and actionable insights should come standard so that enterprises can react faster to changing business conditions without extra development time and costs.
As a bonus, the analytics solution should include AI functionality such as sentiment analysis, so you can better manage communications flows, how calls are routed, and gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs and the experience they are having with your company and products.
As you can see, there is a difference between the legacy CPaaS (CPaaS 1.0) and CPaaS that is built for the enterprise (CPaaS 2.0).
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