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How to Keep Agents Ahead of Evolving CX Demands


Photo of Customer service representatives assisting clients
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Empowering agents to meet evolving customer expectations requires adopting innovative practices in three main areas.
First, agents must have access to a contact center solution that enables them to provide service in a seamless way across all interaction channels. Such a solution needs to allow both customers to connect with an agent on any channel and effortlessly transition from one channel to another; all relevant interaction information follows a customer as the conversation moves from digital self-service to intelligent chatbot and on to human chat, or any number of additional digital or voice channels.
Second, agents should be able to provide service that is hyper-personal and proactive. Interactions need to be customized based on analytics-fueled understanding of customer preferences and characteristics, and shaped as ”micro-moments” in real-time to match the customer’s expectation for service experience. This means matching a customer with the most suitable agent based on their personality type, rather than a random connection based on first availability of an agent. In addition, providing real-time desktop guidance to agents based on AI insights helps them adjust their behavior during the interaction, improving soft skills such as active listening and building customer rapport.
And third, agents need to be empowered with solutions that use a true next-generation cloud native foundation that provides flexibility and rapid innovation, rather than a legacy first-generation cloud approach. Making partial cloud investments, moving to hosted rather than a cloud-native platform, and not having a unified complete workforce engagement management (WEM) application suite have left many organizations disillusioned with their first-generation cloud contact center approaches. Only a next-gen cloud platform provides customer service organizations with the support they need for digital fluency, AI, and smart processes embedded throughout every component; personalized interactions; and a comprehensive set of leading-edge integrated WEM solutions.
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