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9 Days to the Contact Center Cloud


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The world has truly gone remote, making traditional on-premises contact centers a thing of the past. Meanwhile, customers are demanding effortless experiences across every channel — from phone and email to social, SMS, and more. More and more, businesses are coming to the conclusion that a cloud-based contact center is the best solution to meet remote work and a great customer experience.
We first met the team at Are Media, a multimedia conglomerate and publisher of Marie Claire, Elle, and dozens of other magazine titles, in 2020 — early on in the pandemic — when they decided it was time to upgrade to a cloud-based omnichannel contact center.
Are Media had been using telephony-as-a-service out of a data center, as well as a business processing outsourcing (BPO) service to manage the load, with agents spread across three countries. During the pandemic lockdown, Are Media was unable to service customers since agents working from home could not access the on-premises call center software.
The team at Are Media recognized the need for agents to work remotely and for a solution that could bring together voice and email. They identified Amazon Connect as a possible solution, but they needed their contact center to handle voice, email, and social messaging all from the same platform. The team also needed to factor in ease and speed of implementation, as well as support and training.
The challenge for Are Media was finding a way to procure an out-of-the-box solution that met specific requirements for an omnichannel strategy, and ideally a solution they could purchase on AWS Marketplace. After some research into a few different platforms, the team at Are Media chose Local Measure’s Engage for Amazon Connect, which provides an agent-friendly desktop design while ticking off multiple-channel requirements.
Within a matter of days from our first meeting, Are Media agents went live with Engage for Amazon Connect. Since then, Are Media has noted how the simplified procurement process and streamlined implementation by Local Measure saved them approximately 40% compared to other solutions, while the time to train new agents has been cut by more than half.
Join us on Thursday, Aug. 12, for the live webinar, “9 Days to the Contact Center Cloud,” to find out how Are Media smoothly transformed their traditional contact center. I'll be presenting along with Jen Walsh Fisher, director of Partner, Amazon Connect Team, and Majdi Jebril, head of IT, Are Media.
During the webinar, you’ll learn how to:
  • Implement an omnichannel cloud-based contact center at scal, quickly and smoothly
  • Expand your channels to include voice, email, web chat, social media, and others
  • Dispense with the need for additional internal IT resources
  • Provide agents the right information at the right time to personalize customer conversations
Register here for “9 Days to the Contact Center Cloud.”