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Amit Malhotra

Amit is a technology strategy and marketing consultant. He began his career at Sprint almost two decades ago, as the leading U.S. telecommunications carriers launched the modern age of mobile communications. In addition to his experience at a service provider, he's also spent time at network technology vendors and at test & measurment firms, giving him a broad-based perspective on the full value and supply chain of the industry.

Amit's favorite observation on the state of technology today is that the average smartphone has more processing power than NASA did when it first sent astronauts to the moon (Michio Kaku). Telecommunications products and services continue to revolutionize society. At the same time, investments in bringing these products to market must be matched with innovation in technical support for those products, or else there will be a widening gap between the potential and actual benefits of technology.

Amit enjoys learning, writing and conversing about advances in technologies at every layer of the telecommunications experience, including network, device, app and care.