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Alan Quayle and Dan Miller

Alan Quayle wanders the world helping people gain an edge in high tech. His 29 year career spans BT, Lucent (now Nokia), Cambridge Technology Partners (now Atos Consulting), founding Teltier (one of the first Telecom API companies that was sold to Cisco in 2003) and 16 years as an independent focused on intersection of IT, Web and Telecoms. Customers range from global leaders like AT&T, Verizon, Etisalat, BT, Telstra, Ericsson, Huawei, and Oracle; to innovative start-ups like Apigee (sold to Google), AppTrigger (sold to Metaswitch), Camiant (sold to Oracle), Layer 7 (sold to CA), Apex Communications (sold to Dialogic), OpenCloud (sold to Metaswitch), Solaiemes (sold to Comverse), Apidaze (sold to VoIP Innovations), Tropo (sold to Cisco), Nexmo (sold to Vonage), Telesign (sold to BICS), Flowroute (sold to West) and many many more.
He founded TADHack, the largest global hackathon over one weekend (4000 registrations in 2017 and 2018); and TADSummit, the largest conference focused on programmable telecoms. If you have fiber to the home, e.g. Verizon Fios, the box in your home is likely based on some of his patents and standards work in optical access technology. He worked on the development of digital video compression technologies, which enabled YouTube and Netflix to change TV viewing forever. His leadership in programmable telecoms is democratizing the telecoms industry, so anyone can use it to solve problems that matter to them. He has a MEng (Masters of Engineering, First, top in class), MBA, CEng (Chartered Engineer), MIET, and MIEEE.
For more information, check out his weblog and Linkedin profile

Dan Miller founded Opus Research in 1986 and helped define Conversational Commerce through consulting engagements and by authoring scores of reports, advisories and newsletters addressing business opportunities that reside where automated speech and natural language processing leverages Web services, mobility and enterprise software.
As Director of the New Electronic Media Program at LINK Resources from 1980-1983, he helped define one of the first continuous advisory services in the information industry. He then held management positions at Atari, Warner Communications and Pacific Telesis Group (now part of AT&T). He edited and published Telemedia News & Views, a highly-regarded monthly newsletter regarding developments in voice processing and intelligent network services. He also served as Editor-in-Chief of The Kelsey Report, where he also oversaw the launch of advisory services on local online commerce, voice & wireless commerce and global directories.
Dan received his BA from Hampshire College and an MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business.