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What’s BYOC (And Why Should I Care)?

The concept of bring your own carrier, or BYOC, has turned the corner from telecom buzzword to full-blown credentialed solution that’s revolutionizing the way businesses structure and scale telephony.
That’s Great, But What Is BYOC?
BYOC enables enterprises to choose the carrier they want to plug into and power their unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) or contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) solutions. With flexible, cloud-native communications platforms, such as those available from Bandwidth, there’s no reason for enterprises to tie themselves to legacy telecom carriers that limit their options.
The BYOC revolution was kick-started by tech giants, like Microsoft and Cisco, that first saw the value of allowing customers to choose their own carriers. They’ve now taken it to the next level with formal programs, like Microsoft’s Skype for Business Certified SIP Trunking Services, that enable customers to plug in pre-approved vendors with confidence.
Why Should You Care About BYOC?
As enterprises move their telephony into the cloud with the rest of their IT stack, the need for a flexible, SIP-based infrastructure is starting to bubble up more and more. By making the move to the cloud and replacing old Primary Rate Interface (PRI) and time-division multiplexing (TDM) circuits with SIP, organizations are realizing increased agility, a higher degree of scalability, and greater cost efficiencies.
BYOC eliminates “no you can’t” and replaces it with “sure!” by giving enterprises the power to choose which carrier they plug in. Why is this choice so important? When enterprises aren’t able to choose the vendors that make sense for their business and individual migration needs, that lack of choice can become a liability to success.
When businesses adopt a BYOC solution they can choose the platform and underlying service provider that work best for their telephony stack, business objectives, and cloud migration plans. That power of choice is oh so sweet.
Where Should You Go from Here?
Looking for more control and scalability with your communications stack? Have questions about how a BYOC solution works within a full cloud or hybrid model? Still trying to solve the 9-1-1 dilemma for your increasingly SIP-based infrastructure? Bandwidth can help! Learn more about BYOC, and discover how Bandwidth can help your business realize the benefits.