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RPA: Don’t Fall Behind

No doubt, COVID-19 is accelerating disruption and speeding up the transition to a digital-first reality. During this volatile time, it is more important than ever for enterprises to drive higher efficiency and productivity.
One of the best ways to do this is by adopting robotic process automation (RPA), which enables you to optimize routine business processes so your people can focus on activities that add more value. Yet, your organization faces difficult choices about which investments to prioritize when budgets are under pressure.
Getting Started with RPA: Minimal Risk, Low Cost
To make your decision easier, NICE is offering new customers anywhere in the world licenses to make unlimited use of its unattended RPA robots for free for two years. This simple — and disruptive — proposition means your organization can explore today how it can use RPA to improve process quality, speed, resilience, and productivity.
As a financially stable portfolio company with a long track record of profitable growth, NICE is taking a long-term view on the RPA market and is making this investment to grow the overall RPA landscape. Our goal is to make RPA accessible to enterprises that want to ramp up their process automation initiatives but are finding it challenging to source and secure resources at this time.
Automation: An Essential Investment
Enterprises that are not adopting automation technologies risk falling behind the curve as their customers acclimatize to a new digital environment. Forward-looking organizations are looking beyond unattended bots to the next big wave in automation: attended automation. In today’s work-from-home reality, attended or virtual assistant bots are designed to give remote employees real-time process guidance as and when they need it.
Scaling Automation for Massive Efficiencies
Bringing attended and unattended bots together in a single, integrated platform is how you can scale automation, achieve massive efficiencies, and ultimately deliver better experiences for employees and customers alike. Far from being a threat to the human workforce, this technology will be a boon. Indeed, market leaders have already shown how automation can empower people.
Throughout the pandemic, we have seen glimpses of a future that is truly “automation for the people.” RPA and attended automation supported thousands of agents around the world to serve customers efficiently throughout lockdowns and quarantines — helping anxious patients with health care claims, assisting small business owners to apply for credit relief, and much more besides.
Automation for the People
COVID-19 has transformed many of our perceptions about technology implementations. Responses to the pandemic demonstrated that many plans thought to require years to achieve could be successfully executed within days. We also learned how customer service is the real continuity challenge in any crisis.
This is the new normal — automation and humans working together to renew, adapt, and change quickly, no matter what the world throws at them. Is your business prepared for it?
Learn more about our free RPA program.