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No Jitter Roll EC24 Day Three: Twilio, Calabrio, Five9, GoTo Among Those Making News

Welcome to the Enterprise Connect 2024 Day Three edition of No Jitter Roll. Here we highlight some of the announcements on day three of this year’s show, including Twilio’s launch of two new products related to data and Gen AI, Calabrio's Interaction Summary add-on feature, Five9's GenAI Studio, Vonage's Gen AI boost to its commerce platform and more than 60 new features, including AI, added to GoTo's product portfolio.


Twilio Launches Unified Profiles and Agent Copilot

The customer engagement platform provider launched two new capabilities within its cloud-based digital engagement solution Twilio Flex: Unified Profiles and Agent Copilot.

Powered by Twilio Segment, Unified Profiles is an open and extensible data layer that integrates customer data from various sources, including CRM systems, data warehouses, and real-time behavior tracking into a central real-time profile. Unified Profiles can be shared across teams and serve not only customer support agents and sales teams but other internal audiences.

Agent Copilot leverages large language models (LLMs) to automate and enhance agent productivity. By using data from Unified Profiles, Agent Copilot can assist in intelligent routing, provide agents with insights for each customer interaction and automate post-call summaries.

"Businesses struggle to piece together a comprehensive view of the customer due to siloed data and complex system integrations, hindering their ability to leverage AI and deliver personalized customer experiences," said Mila D’Antonio, Principal Analyst at Omdia. "Twilio's launch of Unified Profiles and Agent Copilot provides real-time data to agents, helping them better understand customer activities, preferences, and traits, streamlining operations and enhancing customer interactions."

Source: Twilio



The workforce solutions provider announced general availability of its new generative AI-powered Interaction Summary feature. Available as an add-on, the feature summarizes communications between contact center agents and customers. This launch comes after Calabrio’s acquisition of, an AI chatbot analytics company. Natoya James, Quality Assurance Manager, AAA Northeast, an early user of Calabrio’s Interaction Summary, said that the “summary saves us 5-6 minutes of research per call, eliminating manual listening and note-taking.”


Five9 Launches GenAI Studio A “Click-and-Customize” Gen AI for the Contact Center

The CCaaS provider announced GenAI Studio which allows organizations to take general purpose, off-the-shelf GenAI models, such as OpenAI, and customize them for the contact center in “just a few clicks.” GenAI Studio will power all Five9 applications that use Gen AI models. From a responsible AI perspective, GenAI Studio also enables the contact center to control the data that Gen AI can access and share.

Other capabilities of GenAI Studio include:

  • Integration of many forms of contextual data, allowing GenAI Studio to answer questions, summarize calls, or guide agents with information that is unique to their business and personalized to the customer.
  • Quality Management for Gen AI models in the contact center which allows customers to test their customized models using real call transcripts and utterances to measure performance.
  • A repository of sample prompts to help companies get started.

As mentioned, GenAI Studio will power all AI applications within Five9, starting with Agent Assist AI Summaries. Because of this, customers can control the output of AI Summaries, including the ability to add customer sentiment, condense or add context to the summaries based on audience, and format the summaries by describing what is desired.


Want to know more?

Check out Zeus Kerravala’s article about Five9’s GenAI Studio.

Source: Five9


Advanced Gen AI Capabilities to Boost Vonage Conversational Commerce

The cloud communications provider announced generative AI for Vonage Conversational Commerce, powered by The new capabilities include AI-powered assistance in live chat interactions, a content generator for building WhatsApp-based marketing templates, and a Knowledge Base AI bot to interpret user queries, parse through knowledge base documents and answer user queries directly.

Vonage also launched Conversational Commerce APIs to enable third party applications to connect with the dashboard and deliver conversational marketing and commerce capabilities via its integration with customer engagement platforms such as MoEngage and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


GoTo Expands Portfolio with More AI and 60+ Product Enhancements

The IT and business communications solutions provider announced new AI features and more than 60 new offerings, capabilities, and features throughout its portfolio. Some of the new AI features include:

  • AI Screen Translation, a tool within LogMeIn Rescue, detects and translates text on the user’s screen into the agent’s preferred language.
  • Admin GoPilot: Built directly into the GoTo Connect interface, GoPilot Admin finds answers to set up queries, support resources, and demo videos.
  • GoTo Contact Center’s AI optimization add-on provides AI-generated interaction summaries, allows supervisors to take action on calls in real-time, and informs contact center leaders with insights into customer sentiment and trending topics.
  • AI Meeting Summary provides meeting overviews for GoTo Meeting, delivered with action items.

GoTo also launched Attendant Console that provides a centralized interface that displays caller ID, call status, call queues and offers features like call hold, forwarding, parking, and directory services; an automated conversational chat assistant within GoTo Contact Center; new integrations to bring call information, SMS, voicemail data, and contacts from GoTo Connect into customer relationship management tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho. Additionally, integrations with Microsoft Teams have been enhanced for GoTo Connect, to provide user-friendly admin controls and support, and within Rescue, agents can create, start, and share support sessions with end users directly within Teams.

Source: GoTo


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