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No Jitter Roll: Dialpad Launches Proprietary LLM, Brings Gen AI to Slack, Dstny Launches Native Teams Integration and Mutare’s Voice Traffic Filter Available in Genesys AppFoundry


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Welcome to this week's No Jitter Roll, our regular roundup of product news in the communication and collaboration spaces. This week, NJR highlights Dialpad’s launch of DialpadGPT, a proprietary LLM for automating business communications, bringing multiple generative AI features to Slack via the integration of Otter app, Dstny’s launch of a native telephony integration with Microsoft Teams, and Mutare's Voice Traffic Filter becoming available through the Genesys premium AppFoundry.


Dialpad Launches DialpadGPT, a Proprietary LLM

The customer intelligence platform provider has announced DialpadGPT, a large language model (LLM) that Dialpad said is a further advancement of Dialpad’s proprietary “Ai technology stack, which features a proprietary real-time speech recognition (ASR) engine, natural language processing (NLP) models, and semantic search capabilities. 

According to the release, DialpadGPT is built on 5 billion minutes of conversational and messaging data across customer service, sales, recruiting, and employee collaboration, and is designed to automate tasks within those various domains. Some of the specific functionality includes recaps and summaries, live call coaching, and the ability to track script adherence during sales calls. 

Dialpad says it maintains compliance with SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR, CSA, and ISO and provides a guide to its AI compliance. The product will be generally available by October 2023. Launches Otter for Slack

The AI-powered transcription and meeting assistant application vendor has announced the integration of the Otter app with Slack. Users will be able to use various capabilities including:

  • Notification: Before meetings, Otter will share a reminder in Slack so team members can follow the meeting notes in real time. 
  • Automation note capture during meetings: During the meeting, Otter will automatically write notes in real time and capture slides from meetings.After a meeting, Otter can automatically sendmeeting notes in Slack, along with an automated summary. 
  • Task assignment: Users can highlight takeaways and assign action items in the Otter notes. Otter can automatically send the assignees their action items in Slack.

Want to know more?

In last week’s NJR, we reported on Slack’s redesign. In the June 23, 2023, edition of NJR we reported on’s introduction of Otter AI Chat.


Dstny launches Call2Teams Go for Voice Integration with Microsoft Teams

Dstny Automate provides Direct Routing solutions for Microsoft Teams. It has launched Call2Teams Go which allows Call2Teams PBX users to activate a dial pad within the Teams environment. This native integration allows users to access Teams functions, such as presence, call history, 1-1 call recording and transcription, voicemail, call waiting and contact syncing. Dstny notes that with Call2Teams Go the tenant only needs to have one Microsoft Teams Resource Account license and one phone system license per company.


Mutare Voice Traffic Filter Now Available in Genesys AppFoundry

Voice communications and security software developer, Mutare, announced its Voice Traffic Filter is now a premium application on the Genesys AppFoundry. Voice Traffic Filter blocks spammers, scammers, robocallers and cybercriminals at the network edge before they reach the agent call flow.

According to Chuck French, Mutare’s Chief Growth Officer, billions of spoof, dead air, robocalls or fraud calls are made each month, and “we’re finding that a large percentage of those callers have criminal intent as they see the customer support agent as a convenient gateway to valuable organizational and customer data. Contact centers are looking for their CCaaS provider to help them solve this problem.”


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